Your Free Friday Night NYC Excursion: Happy Birthday ya Dingus!

What? Dingus’ Comeback Show featuring NYC D.I.Y. music galore

Who? All ages (that’s you). Plus a stellar line-up featuring the bands: Ghost Pal, Happy Lives, Lil Kids, The Gradients, and Napoleon

But wait, there’s more: A Gallery show by 1.21 Gigawatts, Performance Art by The Hoover Dam Collective, Eats by UnderlandNY

When? Friday April 19th- Art @7 Music @8

Where? Freecandy, 905 Atlantic Ave, 2nd floor. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

How much? FREE

Andrew Prieto picked a good day to be born, and he’s celebrating by throwing an event with his D.I.Y. music blog, Dingus. I heard this is supposed to be an impressive come back show of sorts, and got the details from Andrew himself (subsequent quotations of his are from our Facebook chat).

First, here’s some background info: The folks behind Dingus “sift through the endless sea of music being posted to Bandcamp and Soundcloud, which was primarily composed by personal means, to find the gold. The stuff that deserved as much attention as Radiohead…Now we’re taking it to the next level”. Throwing events like these is part of “the next level” for Dingus, which will be functioning as both a record label and magazine. Inspired after meeting Oliver, head of Ghost Pal, Prieto “realized there was a lot more happening in the ‘bedroom music scene’ as we called it then,” and dropped out of architecture school to pursue his dream: to publicize D.I.Y. music. His goal is to represent the international D.I.Y. music scene as legitimately as Pitchfork or Rolling Stone.

When they started, Dingus hosted “huge warehouse bangers once every month or two and they were insane”, but since then they’ve had more frequent, smaller shows. After a hiatus of no shows for nearly 6 months they’re finally throwing a come back show. This is the beginning of Dingus Events: larger quarterly shows, just like they used to be. Prieto wants to give bands a larger crowd: “just because they’re D.I.Y. bands doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be playing to a room like Terminal 5”. For this event, Prieto hand-picked the bands in order to justly honor his birthday, which just so happens to coincide with 4/20: “The bands we pick to play our quarterly events are poster children for the quality of music that can be produced at home, without funding, purely from the heart”.

This event will take place at gallery/venue, Freecandy, a converted warehouse space decked out in neon. Brooklyn-based music and arts magazine 1.21 Gigawatts are putting together a fine arts show for the gallery walls. Between bands, The Hoover Dam Collective will be responsible for performance art. Last I checked there was no official word on what HDC has planned, but according to Prieto, “it’s usually pretty sexual in a non-sexual way”. At the very least, it’s a free night in the city—so what do you have to lose? Help us celebrate as Andrew turns 24 at midnight!

*Refreshments* served, No BYOB, protip: “there is security, we run a tight ship”

Facebook event page:


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