Writing humor and getting chicks

The writers of Full Frontal, the new satire paper on campus, might have an ulterior motive to publishing their humorous newsworthy happenings, but it does not discredit the seriousness of their work.  If anything, this reasoning (“for the chicks”) reinforces their legitimacy as the so-called “Onion of Sarah Lawrence.” Ultimately though, their goal is to get some laughs, mostly from the people who have trouble laughing at themselves. And that goal is one they definitely succeed at.


Left to right: Jesse Brenneman, Chelsea Catalanotto, Amelia Woodside, Hans Kulla-Mader

Providing the typical SLC student with some comic relief (at last, oh my!) for our typical Sarah Lawrence-y affairs, the creators of Full Frontal show off their writing talent with a variety of witty yet insightful articles. For example, “Teachers, Students Amazed by Student’s Vast Knowledge of Information Loosely Related to Topic at Hand,” pokes fun at our students’ abilities to steer a seminar off-topic (while legitimizing it in their own way, of course). We all know that one kid in class, and maybe you are that kid.

Full Frontal also features an editorial, “Sarah Lawrence Girl Feels Too Respected at Parties,” a small plea for more crude frat boy personalities on campus, because she has had enough with the nice guy nonsense that the young men on our campus exude. She just wants to experience a real college party, and let’s be honest, the parties here are scarce and with a terrifying girl:guy ratio (like everything else on campus). Her suggestion? “Take a field trip to Fordham” and forget about women’s liberation.

The backpage piece entitled “Talking Shit with Hans” explores your best powder room option on campus (…take note: single bathroom on the bottom floor of the library with not one, but two locks).

The creators of Full Frontal are two seniors and two juniors: Jesse Brenneman, Chelsea Catalanotto, Hans Kulla-Mader and Amelia Woodside. As the five of us sat in the garden next to the library (who knew that existed?), to the outside eye we all look like your normal Sarah Lawrence scholars. But these four aren’t your average SLC hipsters. They are a hilarious group amidst apathetic attitudes and American Spirits. Just speaking with them for a couple of minutes, one notices the ease at which they crack jokes and wit.

They aspired to set a standard of professionalism with an uncanny hilarious edge. That is why their paper is so effective- from the faultlessly tight layout (“Please mention [our friend Herbie Hickmott], I think he may have worked on the layout longer than it took us to write everything!”) to its flawless grammar, Full Frontal is polished, it is topical, and it is impressive. “The reason why the Onion, for example, is so impressive is because it is free of grammatical error; everything about it is tight. We wanted to capture that in our paper,” Brenneman ’11, said. Beyond their unbeatable content, they know that neatness is key.

Reporting satirical news pieces, this staff have found their niche at SLC. Our campus has hosted a myriad of papers over the years (including the current Phoenix), but for them, “the intention is to be funny, since investigative journalism is already being done by newspapers like the Times; why compete with that?” They want to say something new, be fresh, and most importantly, “it’s a way for us to have fun together before graduation.” How can one deny the comedy of a story called “Ground Breaking Research Reveals Theatre Thirds Share Symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome” ?

Let’s be honest: our little campus is a magical place, and also a different planet. Take a cue from the funniest writers on campus, get out of the library for a little while, quit the Nietzsche talk in Bates and have a raging time as you and your best friends explore the hidden nooks in Heimbold (but be warned… you never know what you might find in there).

If you are interested in being funny with your writing (“since everyone here is a writer”), please “send a letter and snacks” to Chelsea at CCatalanotto@gm.slc.edu. Expect one more issue to be out by graduation, and remember that Full Frontal will publish next year too!

By Kaitlyn Alexa Laurie

Photo Credit: Chelsea Catalanotto


Kaitlyn is a senior, studying languages, philosophy and art/architectural theory. Currently making artist books.

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