Who You Have Woken Up: Music from an SLC Senior

Dan B. Levin told me in an email that it “wasn’t [his] style to be overly dramatic and serious about [his] music.” (Thus, the article’s photo.)

Yet his music has taken him from “power chords on SoundRecorder and schwag-inspired lyrics about imaginary girls to a studio with expensive equipment operated by the only pair of man’s hands capable of ‘milking’ a ukulele”. And now, his music is reaching none other than Sarah Lawrence’s very own TeaHaus.

He writes:

This summer, I worked on an album with a good friend I grew up with in Jersey. We have been making music since 2007. Although we’ve upgraded [see: earlier quote], I can’t say our sound has transformed over the years.  Our name has changed from the Confidant to the Container, and for now we are Odeon (named after the 1970’s electric organ I picked up on Craigslist). However, our dedication to making natural folk music for the sake of poetry has stayed the same.

The album, Who You Have Woken Up, is about when you’re back home and you get in the car and ten minutes later you find yourself at your high school for no reason. We are all caught in larger versions of these absent-minded riptides infused with their own specific strains of dream logic. This album is a product of the two diverging.

Odeon consists of me, Daniel Barban Levin (ukulele, trumpet, spoken word) and Dr. S. S. Bhavnani (guitar, organ, vocals) from Wesleyan University, plus our ‘manager,’ “Andrew” Stubbs.

You can access Odeon’s old work at their SoundCloud here— Who You Have Woken Up is assured to be out soon.

However,  Dan will be playing a set at the TeaHaus on Saturday, October 27, from 2-4. He assures me he would be “delighted if anyone actually came for the music”. There will be baked goods and good music for all.


Cecily Lane is a sophomore this year and is proud to be heading the Create section! A faithful devotee to all things pearl-related, you will often find her on campus in high heels (even when going to the gym) and a dress. Her signature 'victory curl' hairstyle takes about five seconds every morning, but makes her look like she puts more effort into her appearance than she actually does. She enjoys acting, writing, and making jokes that only 12-year-old boys find funny.

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