Where the Wild Things Are (When They Haven’t Finished Their Homework)

Dear Sarah Lawrence,


So. Much. Homework. Mind you this is not your standard college workload, this is a SLC learning-on-steroids workload. Never fear. What Sarah Lawrence lacks in social space, it makes up for in study space (who needs friends when you’ve got three books to read by tomorrow?) So how do we cope with our unnecessarily long homework assignments? We study like mo-fos, that’s how.

The key to a good study session is location, location, location.

My own study habits resemble more of hibernation than anything else. I hole away in the library with a cup of coffee and whatever reading I need to get done. And I don’t come out. Ever. I just spread out and type/read/cry until the assignments over. No breaks, no sleep. Just work. That’s my motto.

Others aren’t as psychotic and just need a quiet place to sit and read their handouts in peace. For those people, I have some suggestions. The following is a sampling of study spaces around campus, where the weary student can hunker down and finish that book…that you haven’t started…that’s due tomorrow. Whoops.

The Library

The library is a perfect place to study. So quiet (usually) and there are SO MANY CHAIRS. Unless it’s conference week, then you’ll be lucky to have a table to burrow under. Also most chairs are accompanied by a nifty little footrest, I mean awkwardly low table to spread all your study materials on. Another plus, there is enough foot traffic for some decent people watching, but not enough to cause an actual distraction. Winner! The computer lab and other library resources, such as DVDs and reference collection, make the library the one-stop shop for all your studying needs. All in all this is my go to place when I need to get huge chucks of a book read or draft an entire paper in one night. Upside: there are vending machines in the basement and one serves coffee.

Bekkah Olsen concentrates like no other

The Back Porch of the Pub

Ah yes, the unintentional study space. I usually end up here, when I remember I have to feed myself and leave the library. The front terrace isn’t as ideal. Too many people milling about and I’ll probably just end up watching them or pulling up YouTube. The back porch is more secluded, and is a nice sunny spot (at least for the next few weeks) to sit and get your work done. Major pros include, eating while reading, coffee, fresh air, the occasional baby raccoon, more coffee and plenty of vitamin D. It is also a good group study/meeting space, with no noise constraint and plenty of chairs. Overall the scenery and the proximity to the pub make this a good place to get a jump on your conference work or draft an email to your don.

Dorm Lawns

If you’re lucky enough to live or befriend someone who lives in any of the converted-house dorms, you’re in luck. The lawns outside the Mead Way houses, Lynd, Morrill, and Tweed are brilliant places to study. They’re like mini South Lawns minus the odd tour or ukulele player. Just add a picnic blanket or towel and you’ve got a great spot to stretch out and get some serious reading done (and come on, let’s be honest, what else do we have to do but read?) For those who don’t mind the occasional bug bite or skunk scare, lawns can be your own little oases. On a good day, they’re a sunny spot away from the bustle of main campus where you can lounge enjoying the outdoors while you suffer through your reading. On a bad day, they’re flooded, because surprise, surprise it’s raining AGAIN.

To give you an idea of what people like, here’s a list of places other SLCers study:

On Campus:
• Dorm room
o Pro: Guaranteed space
o Con: House centipedes and roommates

• Dorm Common Room
o Pro: Your own couch and food supply
o Con: Housemates and other distractions

• The Black Squirrel
o Pro: you get to drink ALL the Milkshakes
o Con: you actually drank all of the Milkshakes

• The Pillow Room
o Pro: giant pillows to lay on
o Con: you WILL fall asleep

• Library Study Rooms
o Pro: Nobody can see you, you could study naked if you felt like it
o Con: If nobody can see you…ew.

Off Campus:
• Starbucks / Slave to the Grind / Haagen-Dazs
o Pro: WiFi (minus Slave to the Grind)
o Con: Bronxville bros

• New York Public Library
o Pro: ALL the books
o Con: Train fare

Sipping and studying at the ‘Bucks

Whether you choose to get your work done the week before or the night before it’s due, there is plenty of space on campus to accommodate you. So go forth- study!

Zoe Marquedant doesn't talk about Fight Club. She is an SLC writing student with a dinosaur watch and an over-developed sense of state pride. She can be found around campus perpetuating awkward moments and swearing like a sailor. Zoe firmly believes life is what happens in-between good cups of coffee.

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