What’s Up With All the Sheep Sex?: SLC Teacherisms


 Katie Lee, class of ’15, shares with us her interview with the founder of the new favorite on-campus tumblr, SLC Teacherisms.

Ana Henry, a New York City native, is just one of over 400 members of the dynamic and motivated first year class here at Sarah Lawrence. She’s interested in languages, creative writing, genetics, and of course the funny things our notoriously quirky faculty says on a daily basis. “We are SLC,” Ana says in the blog’s mission statement. “And we’re pretty f-ing weird, but sometimes our professors are even weirder. And sometimes they say things that are…well, weird.  Or funny.  Or ridiculous, or just plain awesome. And we like that they do that.  And we hope you do too.” I sat with the pink-haired Miss Ana in the Teahaus and this is what she had to say about the campus phenomenon her blog is slowly becoming.

KL: What was your inspiration for creating SLC Teacherisms?

AH: We had one at my old high school, and it was sort of like a bonding thing, because in class if your teacher said something funny, you knew it would end up on the Facebook group later and you were like, “oh, I was there,” or “oh, I have that teacher.” It’s sort of like an encyclopedia of hilariousness.

KL:How many people are following the blog?

AH: As of last night, 139.

KL: How many submissions do you get per day?

AH: Usually anywhere from 5-10. Sometimes I get a person who opens their old notebooks and submits EVERY SINGLE THING their teachers said from last year which is… a lot of work.

KL: How many Teacherisms are up on the blog right now?

AH: About 105 are published right now and there are about 40 on the queue. I think it posts like… 5 a day.

KL: How long has the blog been running?

AH: Maybe three weeks? Time passes differently at Sarah Lawrence.

KL: What was your favorite submission so far?

AH: A Thomas Sayers Ellis quote on kids these days – “Do you say lover’s lane? Do you say, ‘meet me behind Bates, high noon?’”

KL: I’ve heard that you’ve had a little bit of negative feedback… do you want to tell us about that?

AH: So I had someone who anonymously wrote in and said that the blog was not “respectful” of professors’ privacy and they could lose their jobs over the quotes and there could be legal issues involved, which is something that you have to be aware of when you make a blog like this, but as far as I’m aware, there aren’t really any legal issues… I looked in the Student Handbook about privacy codes and it’s basically free speech… and the professors are adults talking to fellow adults, and if something was said in a class or conference that is considered private or a safe space, of course I wouldn’t publish it. Of course, if any professor wants me to take what they said down I will.

KL: What are your future plans for the blog?

AH: I want to make it searchable by professor, so if you are really interested in this one professor, you could look them up and see all the funny things they said. I would also like for it to have a little more breadth, just because we get a lot of the same professors, who are obviously very funny people, but I don’t think a good section is represented yet.

KL: Do you have any funny professors?

AH: If I had to pick my most hilarious teacher, it would have to be Ann Lauinger.

 KL: Would you ever consider being a professor here?

AH: Yeah, I’ve thought about being a teacher. If I were going to be a college professor anywhere, I feel like this would be a nice place to do it. The professors seem to get along well together and the campus is gorgeous, so if my students were pissing me off I could just go hang out on the swings.


Do you have the urge to share something hilarious that your professor said in class? Or perhaps you’d just like to sit back and laugh at the words of our crazy, endearing, one of a kind faculty. If any of these apply to you, visit the site!

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