Monday, February 17th at 7:00, take a trip to the movies (Westlands 104) for a screening of Murderball.  The film documents personal stories of Wheelchair Rugby competitors during the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. Murderball got a 98% on rotten tomatoes, and Westlands 104 is a nice room to relax in, so, how about it.  Click here to watch the trailer


Tuesday, Feb 18th in the Pillow Room from 5:00-7:00, meet Eduardo Lago, author of the world renowned book Call Me Brooklyn, a story about  a Spanish orphan adopted during the Spanish Civil War and raised in Brooklyn.  The book, which will take you to New York’s secret tunnels, studio, and jazz clubs, was originally published in 2006.   Fourteen languges later, Call me Brooklyn is available in English as of last year.  The presentation will be an interesting discussion on publishing, translations, fiction writing, and more, with Gardinier, David Hollander, Robert Desjarlais, and Eduardo Lago himself.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014 is a day for “Legal and Business Issues In the Arts”  At 12:30 in the Heimbold film theatre, Stephanie Cooper ’65, will present a three-part series about legal and business issues in the arts. The purpose of the series is to prepare students in all artistic disciplines – music, dance, theatre, film, writing, and visual arts – for entry and continued success in the professional world.  Cooper has found success in the publicity/media world, has led a positive career as a solo pianist, and has taught at Julliard, Mannes, and the Manhattan School of Music.


Also on Wednesday, a student reading will be held in the Slonim Living room.  At 6:30, come hear works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, by Paige Fraker, Ilana Masad, Dina Peone, Alexandra Dennis, Alexandra Pucciarelli, Gabriel Chalfin-Piney, Ray Schechter, Kamden Hilliard, Lauren Scheck and Thomas Batuello.  The faculty reader this week will be Suzanne Gardinier.  


Thursday February 20th, go to an open mic at the Black Squirrel.  Maybe you go every week.  Maybe you’ve never been. Maybe you haven’t been in a while.  Seniors, this could be your last change to experience SLC talents, quirks, laughs, and applause.  There is still time to sign up at Bates or in the Pub, and as always there are free milkshakes for people who show up at 9:00.


Friday February 21 at 7:00, The SLC Figure Drawing Club is hosting a party in A*Space, the student-led arts space in Bates (via the stairway next to the mailboxes)  The party will be equipped with paints, crayons, tape, and other materials suited to create an impromptu portrait gallery.  There will also be live performances by Gabe Greenland, Chase Hawley, and Jessica Butler! Headliner photo: James Ensor

Carmen Hall studies a medley of economics, women's history, writing, and film. Between Titsworth, class, and life in the city with her art collective, you can find Carmen reading the beginnings of books and writing in her journal nearby Cathedral of St. Johns the Divine.

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