Valentines Day Style: Scarlett & Shelby

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham and Sydney Thompson interviewed and photographed a stylish campus couple for Valentine’s Day! She asked them questions about their personal styles and about the urge to merge. Aren’t they cute?!

Hannah: Can you tell us anything about you as a couple? Why did you choose this space for our shoot?

Scarlett: We’re pretty cute and domestic. For October study days we had the house to ourselves. But we are a family, the four of us, we have rules and boundaries so nobody feels shitty. The shoot is taking place in our house because this is our space.


Describe your personal style:

Scarlett: My personal style is pretty casual, comfortable and easy. I definitely stray more towards neutrals. I like to use my hair as an accessory; there’s a lot of it. I would say I’m a little more preppy than Shelby.

Shelby: My personal style is black and gray. I really don’t dress up, it’s all very relaxed. I wear black every day because it goes with whatever color my hair happens to be. It was pink recently, now it’s purple, which goes better with my skin tone. Scarlett dyes my hair for me.

Scarlett: I had never dyed hair before!


What do you like best about each other’s styles?

Scarlett: I like Shelby’s neutral color palate because you can mix and match everything. She always looks cool when we go out, even if she’s wearing a t-shirt she has cool vibes.

Shelby: I like that Scarlett’s style is a lot of knitwear. She has the perfect gray hoodie and all of these great sweaters that were her mom’s, which get passed around the apartment. On the other hand, she also has a lot of great going out clothing for a nighttime setting, so I like to borrow things when we go out. The skirt I’m wearing now is Scarlett’s

Scarlett: The skirt is from a thrift shop in San Francisco. Shelby also has this really cool leather jacket and a lot of great bags. She also has these really cool chunky heels that don’t fit me! Whenever I get drunk I always put on Shelby’s shoes.


Is there any Item of the other person’s that you absolutely hate?

Shelby: I don’t really hate anything that anyone wears. I think so long as you’re comfortable it’s all good. Although I do hate that Scarlett’s winter coat is paper thin.

Scarlett: I agree. And both of our styles are inoffensive.


Have your styles or shopping habits been influenced by one another?

Scarlett: I probably wear more neutrals because of Shelby, but our styles have stayed pretty consistent. Shelby is killer at online shopping. You can ask her for the most specific thing and she’ll find it.

Shelby: I  just know where to find the best prices. I’m definitely less likely to spend money in person, online it feels less real.

Scarlett: I don’t like shopping in person. I feel so uncomfortable with sales people and if I don’t know what I want I’m distracted or overwhelmed by things. I have to go out with an idea of what I want to buy in mind.


Tell us about your matching necklaces:

Shelby: They were a gift from me to Scarlett and also from me to myself, that I bought in DC. I gave Scarlett hers when she came to visit me this summer. They’re from the Great Gatsby, but the East and West also represent us, New Jersey to California. Also the eggs are cute.

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham is a sophomore studying dance, art history and women's studies. In her spare time she enjoys writing articles for Surface Magazine and College Fashion, cooking vegetarian cuisine, gallery hopping, shooting film and making her own perfume. Her weaknesses are Wes Anderson and good champagne. Insta: @sweetsweetnoir

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