Tweet Critically: Sarah Lawrence Steps Up the Social Media Game

You Are What You Tweet is a seminar focused on the “publicly-private and privately-public” nature of social media. Through blog posts, tweets, status updates, images, and videos, we immerse ourselves in the digital world and dissolve the boundaries between online and offline. According to professor Collette Sosnowy, “Social media is integrated into our daily lives, but we don’t often pause to think about its impact. In this class, we critically engage with the media to examine its potentials, drawbacks, and capabilities for collaboration.”

This is all fine and dandy, but how does You Are What You Tweet give SLC a fresh take on traditional conferencing and launch the student body’s work into modernity?

The answer is Conference 2.0. Through the use of social media, You Are What You Tweet employs a new strategy to conferencing: our conference projects are submitted in weekly blog posts. The blogs, hosted on MySLC (with the help of the amazing Emily Sharp, SLC class of 2004 and Web Services Advocate in the Office of Information Technology Services), are publicly accessible,and we encourage comments and critiques. As a class, we review each others’ work and offer feedback. This collaboration and exchange of ideas improves the critical breadth and depth of our projects.

We all love the work we slave over during conference season and we are rightfully proud of what we have created. The most tragic part of our conferencing system is that most of the time, our professors are the only ones who get to fully appreciate the work we have all individually created. By making it public, we show the world our hard work!

And, at the end of a Sarah Lawrence education, we ultimately all need jobs. This is not a course about how to find a job, by any means, but understanding how to tactfully navigate the social media world is essential in the modern professional world. When student work is accessible online, it becomes attached to our names in a big, public way…what better way to market ourselves for the real world than to show employers (or anyone else who might be looking) what we’ve got?

Social media platforms are an integral part of our professional and personal lives, whether we like it or not. If we can effectively employ critical strategy in the online world, we are one step closer to shaping the way we are perceived…and perception is everything.

To learn more, tweet us @YouTweetSLC and follow our class hashtag: #tweetSLC
Prefer the old-fashioned? Email professor Collette Sosnowy at:

Ed. Note: We realize that the featured image is not exactly a Twitter bird, but Blue-Footed Boobies are too great to ignore. Here is a video of them dancing: 

Dominique Fluker is a senior at the college concentrating on psychology, writing, and communications.

Ryan Blaire is a junior at the college focusing on economics, political science, and psychology.

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