TONIGHT: Reality Check

Al-Gore’s “reality” show is going to be a hard one to watch, but a hard one to miss at the same time.

Tonight, Sarah Lawrence is holding a watch party for “24 Hours of Reality” in Reisinger Auditorium from 6:45pm until 8:30pm. The live streaming screening will be followed by a faculty panel discussion (featuring Ray Clarke, Josh Muldavin, and Marilyn Power) and reception.

Sponsored by The Climate Reality Project, “24 Hours of Reality” is a 24-hour multimedia presentation created by Al Gore and delivered once every hour for 24 hours starting from September 14. Every presentation is based on a time zone across the globe; the one we’re screening tonight is based on New York.

New York’s biggest challenge from climate change is the rising sea level. New York Harbor has already experienced sea level rise of 15 inches in the last 150 years, with another 2-10 inches projected by the 2020s. As sea levels rise, roads and homes will be increasingly flooded, drinking water may be contaminated by saltwater. More flooding may also result from stronger hurricanes.

Join the watch party and help others learn what can change in a day.

Visit for more reality.


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