Thoughts from an Admitted Student

A few weeks ago, admitted student Rachel Molland reached out and asked if she could contribute her voice to our publication. This is exactly the sort of initiative we love here–made with confidence, thought, and attention. Here are her thoughts on the SLC application process and beyond. Thank you for Speaking, Rachel.


It was the middle of my junior year. Watching the 1999 teen classic 10 Things I Hate About You, I heard the name Sarah Lawrence and decided that I wanted to know more about the college. I had this habit of looking up whatever college I heard in the attempt of finding the perfect one. Reading Sarah Lawrence’s Wikipedia page distracted me from the movie, which was a good sign. (It’s takes a lot to distract me from Joseph Gordon-Levitt when he’s speaking French.) It was the first college that I had ever heard of that didn’t take test scores as part the application. I liked that, a lot. As I looked deeper, I found out much more about this college, and I began to seriously consider it for my Early Decision choice. For me it wasn’t just the eschewing of test scores, but also the environment of the school.

A lot of my classmates think that because Sarah Lawrence doesn’t take the scores, it is easy to get into. This bothers me because I found the whole process to be nerve wracking. With the application, I could present myself the way I wanted to be without the addition of impersonal test scores, but that also meant that I couldn’t hide behind them, either. There is safety in SAT scores. Scoring well gave me the opportunity to apply and get into good schools, but I didn’t want to get into a school based on the test scores that I was morally opposed to.

After sending in my application I made the appointment for my interview with Nicole, a Sarah Lawrence alum. We met in a small coffee shop in Minneapolis; beforehand I nervously walked around the record store across the street (I got a copy of the new M83 album, in case anybody really cares about that). I was so nervous and I really wanted to impress her, but in the end it was much more casual than any other college interview my friends had. She even answered some questions that I had about SLC and her experience there. Through this experience, she reminded me why I chose to apply Early Decision. We were both so enthusiastic about Sarah Lawrence; we ended up talking for thirty minutes over the time of her average interview.

Not a lot of people know of Sarah Lawrence. Most of the time, SLC is mentioned in passing in movies or books, and most people don’t really take notice of it. But I think they should because there is a lot more to Sarah Lawrence College than you can get from a quick Google search or a brief mention in Gilmore Girls. I mean, all I had to do was read the Wikipedia page and harass  talk to a few Sarah Lawrence students and I fell in love.


Featured Image: Fanni Gabor

Gabrielle Campagnano (Opinion Editor)’s favorite word is communication. She is described by close friends (and enemies) as “diligent,” “an appreciator of words,” “jolly,” “hottest monogomist” and “moogle”. Although she concentrates in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence, you can talk to her about intelli-rap and Szechuan peppercorns. Post-grad, Gabrielle plans on readying the next generation of artists (ages 5-10) to take on the world with mindfulness and sensitivity.

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