This Week In Pop: Justin Bieber Meltdown, Harry Styles’ New Tattoo, and Taylor Swift Needs To Be Stopped

Justin Bieber is inches away from becoming the twink LiLo because not only are Beliebers not putting up with his shit anymore, he’s refusing to wear a shirt or even pants (I’m okay with this one), he’s attacking paparazzi, and he collapsed on stage and went straight to the hospital.


Lindsay Lohan’s probably going to be spending another summer under house arrest and that means at least two breaking LiLo news stories a day this entire summer!


Harry Styles just got a giant motherfucking butterfly tattooed right in the middle of his torso and he MUST BE STOPPED!


Miley Cyrus may be single which means she needs some comfort from a new group of gay BFFs. It’s war.


Taylor Swift, the Anne Hathaway of music, is covering the new issue of Vanity Fair and she shits on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and that’s e-fucking-nough. Kanye tried to stop her. Can we make a citizen’s arrest?


“What Not To Wear,” which according to at least 5% of straight white Christians is why homosexuals exist, is cancelled after 10 seasons. Stacy London’s streak of gray hair has yet to make an official announcement about its future career plans.


Keri Hilson, who may or may not have been my most recent check out lady at Target, is fed up with Twitter hate, which is weird because who new she had followers? Why you mad cuz I’m cuter than the boy that’s whitcha, Keri?


Courtney Stodden has developed a new alter ego and is officially the performance artist of the century.


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