Things I’m Thankful For, Lost-tober Edition

Every Thanksgiving, before we can eat but after we’ve been coerced into saying a prayer, my grandma makes us say what we’re thankful for.  In my family this is usually reality TV or food based—as in “I am thankful for the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and also for these three types of cranberry sauce.”

I (at least) try to always be thankful for my basic blessings (my friends and family, my health, my education, the food in my stomach and the roof over my head), but after a chaotic couple of weeks, I find that there is much more to be grateful for.

First, I’m thankful that Sarah Lawrence weathered Sandy safely. For our campus, the storm was one candle flashlight and glow-stick lit night and a few days of smushed sandwiches. When the branches were cleared and 3G was restored, news and images of Sandy’s devastation poured in: complete destruction, massive flooding, and loss of life. New York alone projects $33 billion in damage. Many in our community living off-campus experienced a lot more disruptions after the storm. Because of this, I am also thankful for and grateful to SLC’s staff, from Health Services to facilities to AVI, for coming in and continuing to support us.

While the storm’s aftermath has been heartbreaking, it has also been a moment of community and compassion.  More than I am thankful for SLC’s safety, I am thankful to go to a school that has been proactive about opening our doors and lending a hand to our neighbors: relief trips to Long Island and Staten Island, opening our facilities to the community, and fundraising efforts like sponsoring a group for this weekend’s Strides for Sandy 5k

Not only am I thankful for Obama’s victory, so are my student loans, my employment prospects, and my uterus. In a single night, millions of Americans’ fears about health care, student debt, deportation, reproductive health, and their country being run by a GOP haircut were dissipated—or at least put on hold. Though there is a long way before many of these issues are resolved (and campaign promises are fulfilled), at least our president is moving towards a solution instead of backtracking on twenty years of progress. I am doubly thankful to find that Americans still want their voices heard, and that those voices, in both national and state elections, are liberal, progressive, and compassionate. If things had gone differently, I’d be grateful for Canada’s free healthcare.

And finally, I am thankful for something I was fully convinced would never happen unless I became a millionaire and left a paving endowment to my alma mater: Kimball is getting paved. I am truly thankful that I’ll never have to scrape mud out of my sandal or wipeout in a pool of dirty slush ever again. Ever. Thanks Yonkers!


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