THEATRE!: Change-Up Your Weekend Routine

Maybe you are one of those people who get drunk every weekend and wonder, “Is there anything more to this Millier High Life than Olde English and second generation Four Loko?” Well February is your month to discover the finer things of this campus. The renowned theatre department is putting up several shows this semester, all of which worth seeing, but most importantly they’re all free. Which is $5-15 less than you would be spending any other weekend (depending on your beverage choices).


For starters, this Tuesday is the staged reading of “The Sisters”, a play by grad student Roxy MtJoy about the Mitford sisters when World War II was just beginning. If you don’t know who these sisters are, let me help you out by saying they were one of the most influential families ever known, especially with one of the sisters being buddy-buddy with Hitler.  Directed by Rebecca Stuart, it goes up at 6:30pm in the Cannon.


But if you’re still clinging onto that hope of OE in your night, look no further because William Shakepeare’s Macbeth is premiering this Friday, February 10 at 7pm in Downstage. Directed by Howard Jackson, this concept of the Scottish play takes place in underground bunkers during an anything-but-civil war. The show runs through February 12 and you can reserve your tickets online here:


Not satisfied with Macbeth-level mayhem? Well first you might want reevaluate your mayhem capacitors, but then you should go see Crazyface written by Clive Barker and directed by none other than Ernest Abuba. The name Clive Barker might sound familiar, probably because he wrote the classic horror flicks Hellraiser and Candyman. Opening at 7pm. February 16in the Wright, Crazyface follows the story of a boy named Tyl as he navigates through a fantastical world on a journey to find himself. Sign-ups will be in the PAC lobby next week!


And once you’ve reach the brink of penultimate mindbogglery, get some comic relief with Moshe Maizels Commedia dell’ High School going up February 17, 18, and 19. The play is done in a commedia style, meaning each scene’s script has been “preprovised” by the actors! These high school archetypes will dazzle you with their nostalgic yet hilarious wit while you reminisce on a time when letterman jackets were worn by their original owners and comedy wasn’t always hipster jokes. Location and time TBA.


So save yourself some cash, support your peers, and save drinking for thirsty Thursdays- there is theatre afoot!

Ellen Winter hails from Washington, D.C. where she indulged in frequenting various clubs, house shows, theaters, field concerts, and spy museums. She is super stoked to be a part of the SLCspeaks team and looks forward to exploring the arts and music in New York with a new lens. Through years of in-depth research, she has concluded that black coffee, an everything bagel with cream-cheese and a side of bacon is the most delicious breakfast ever to be invented- there is no counter argument.


  • Reply February 7, 2012

    Ellen Winter

    Here are the times and locations for Commedia del High School:
    Feb 17 and 18 at 10PM in Downstage
    Feb 19 at 2PM


  • Reply February 11, 2012

    Lindsay Goldstein

    Commedia del High School’s Saturday show is now at 2PM! Mark your calendars!

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