The city’s best bites for under 10 bucks

Eating in New York doesn’t have to be expensive; you can leave feeling fully satisfied for just a few dollars. Here are our top picks for an inexpensive yet delectable meal.

1)   Mamoun’s Falafel: Right in the middle of Greenwich Village, Mamoun’s offers a mean chickpea-stuffed pita for just over two dollars. Make sure to squirt some of their famous hot sauce on top for extra kick.


2)   Fiat Café: This space, although small, offers an array of breads and pastas that would please the most serious foodie. The classic tomato bruschetta and fusilli with pesto are especially good.


3)   99¢ Pizza: 6th Ave offers some of the cheapest slices in the city. And they’re really not bad at all. Ten slices for ten dollars! Go crazy.


4)   S’mac: Where else would a restaurant strictly dedicated to macaroni and cheese thrive? Nowhere. With most “Major Munch’s” for just around 10 dollars, you have a soul–and wallet–satisfying meal. This place is all about reinventing the classic dish, so don’t be surprised when you see additions like fig and masala.


5)   Tasty Dumpling: There are so many places to get a dumpling in New York, it’s on the verge of overwhelming. Some of the best, the most crispy, the most porky, can be found at 54 Mulberry Street. With 5 for just $1.25, there’s no way your wallet or belly will leave empty.


6)   Pommes Frites: While this doesn’t make for a meal that satisfies the food pyramid, the people at Pommes Frites in the West Village make some damn good fries. And that’s not even the best part. They have 26 dipping sauces and counting! There’s something for every palette. Try the Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo or the Irish Curry for something really different.


7)   Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches: The classic bánh mí combines a selection of roasted meats—most of the time with a smear of paté—with loads of fresh vegetables on a freshly baked French Baguette. Nicky’s does this especially well with fresh daikon and cilantro, perfectly balancing out the rich proteins. 150 East 2nd Street, New York, NY

8)   El Riconcito De Tito: If you find yourself feeling hungry in Jackson Heights, Queens, this Latin joint will hit the spot. Serving delicious arepas— corn cakes filled with chicken or pork—for just over 7 dollars, it’s a real steal. 79th St between Roosevelt and 37th Aves, Jackson Heights, Queens


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