The 9 Freakiest Things I Saw This Weekend

October Study Days this year gave me the opportunity to hop on a MegaBus to Boston and explore just how bizarre the human race is. Here are my favorite observations.

1. A man thinking that it was socially acceptable to eat greasy pork noodles on a cramped public transportation vehicle. He not only forgot a napkin, but decided that it was a great idea to use his cloth-covered seat to wipe his hands and MOUTH. He actually rubbed against it like a nuzzling cat. Freaky.

2. The girl sitting directly in back of me took off her shoes and socks and stuck them through the seat. At one point, her bare toes touched my shirt. And she hadn’t clipped.

3. Apparently not closing the public bathroom door all the way is fine. Not only did I have to listen to a large man pee out a lot of pee, but I had to glimpse it, too.

4. A man in Harvard Square really wanted to preach the word of God, at eleven in the evening. He was screaming pretty incoherently about being saved, except no one was around to listen except the homeless men across the street. They had their own strong counter-commentary. What ensued was a yell-off from different sides of the block.

5. My friend Monique and I were on our way to brunch when we saw a horrific car crash. After freaking, we realized that the whole block was filled with crashes. Then we noticed cameras. The oddest part was watching an actor stand next to his “dead” dummy. The two were almost incomparable. What would have made it even more strange was if Kevin Bacon showed up. He’s in the movie, too, (RIPD) and just has a really unfortunate last name.

6. At brunch, there was a little boy sitting at a table by himself, enjoying a lump of cotton candy that was bigger than his head.

7. I was visiting the Art Institute of Boston–part of Lesley University–and it was “Family and Friends Weekend.” In order to impress the real money-givers of the school, they had a breakfast complete with a roasted meat carving station and a jazz band.

8. They are now selling an abundance of Halloween cards in most drug stores, and pretty much all of them have to do with Twilight. I really was tempted to make the purchase for friends and enemies alike.

9. On the New York subway, I encountered a man with a blue crab in his mouth. The crab was still alive, with the pinchers hanging out of his mouth and the legs inside. As soon as he sat down on the subway, he proceeded to put the crab on the floor and play with it.

It is for these events that I find myself questioning my own sanity, as well as thinking about how I portray myself to the world. Would I ever put a live crustacean in my mouth for safekeeping? Who knows what’s to come.

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Gabrielle Campagnano (Opinion Editor)’s favorite word is communication. She is described by close friends (and enemies) as “diligent,” “an appreciator of words,” “jolly,” “hottest monogomist” and “moogle”. Although she concentrates in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence, you can talk to her about intelli-rap and Szechuan peppercorns. Post-grad, Gabrielle plans on readying the next generation of artists (ages 5-10) to take on the world with mindfulness and sensitivity.

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