Tattoos On Campus

Emma Zigman

First Year

“I got my tattoo as a birthday present with my mom which we have been planning for many years, because bees have always been really important to our family… We have kept bees in the past, so she has a bee on her back and I have one on my arm. We got them at East River Tattoo [located in Brooklyn].”

Ellie Brumbaum


“I got my tattoo at 8 of Swords [located in Brooklyn]… There’s a lot of different reasons behind my tattoo… Like a lot of people, I got it to symbolize a really hard time that I went through, and the lessons I learned from going through that difficulty and emerging on the other side as a stronger person. They’re two pieces of a broken circle because basically the idea I wanted to encapsulate is that perfection is not always going to happen…but that ultimately the journey you’re going to go on is going to be really rewarding.”

Sarah Allwarden

First Year

“ My original idea was to get the venus symbol with Rosie [the Riveter] on the inside, but I realized that it would have been too difficult for an artist to fit all of the features of Rosie into it really well, so I decided to separate it onto two legs, and the artist designed the venus symbol to be more intricate to match the intricate design of Rosie. I got it done at Jim’s Tattoo in Seabrook, New Hampshire by Jamie ‘Tank’ Smith.”

Willa Bennett


“My tattoo is for my three sisters; my older sister and two half sisters.”

Maddy Maurer 

First Year

“I got my tattoo because Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self Reliance essay means a lot to me and helped me become the person I am today.”

Elliot Fletcher

First Year

“I got the tattoo at my house because the artist could come to my home. I got it for my older brother and all of the people I feel are brothers towards me.”

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