How to Take FULL Advantage of Fall Formal

1)   Bring a large bag to steal snacks. You probably won’t be interested in the spread right way, but you will be later. Highlights include: unusually good cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, really great eggrolls.

2)   Plan ahead for the photo booth. Coordinate a picture with your friends ahead of time, and then make a beeline for the booth. You won’t want to arrive mid-way through the dance looking sweaty and disgruntled. Positions could involve a friend pyramid, or a variation of the Charlie’s Angels photo.

3)   Seniors: get your beer an hour. Make your friends who don’t drink get you their beer an hour.

4)   Don’t take the event seriously. Use the night to practice dance moves you can use later in a real-life club, on your way to make real-life connections.

5)   If you want your fifteen seconds of fame, dance in the front row of the tent. The DJ has a personal photographer that highlights all the eager dancers in their glory.

6)   Seek out any student that frightens you in class and take the time to notice that they, too, are acting like an idiot. Nobody is safe from the effects of Fall Formal lunacy. Make a mental note and recall it the next time they pontificate about Foucault’s History of Sexuality.

7)   This is not prom. Wear whatever you want. The cold weather is not a factor. Wear your short shorts. Wear your crop top. Wear absolutely nothing. You’ll be warmed by sweaty, dancing bodies.

8)   Stash your unused alcohol in the PAC during the dance.  Bury it in the bushes, but don’t forget it! *Senior pro-tip from Ella Riley-Adams

9)   This night is a marathon. This is NOT your middle school formal where the lights go on and you must return home immediately. Don’t get depressed when the music stops. Make your way to the Blue Room. It’s important to save yourself.

10)  Exploit the opportunity of mass congregation to find your crush. This time of year is perfect to chart new romantic territory. No blankets? Get a person! Winter’s coming…

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