Sweetstakes: Rose Hip Pistachio Chocolate at Xocolatti

Chocolate has never been my favorite type of sweet food. It’s so effortlessly simple– too simple, and I’m just too complicated a person to ever get along with it. The only way that I can begin to appreciate chocolate is when I know the chocolate has been through as much shit as I’ve been through. Or is a bit weird.

I just came out of lunch from The Dutch on Sullivan Street (amazing oysters,delicious food, book it now), searching for a new dessert adventure, when I found Xocolatti. Inspecting their fabulously chic chocolate boutique, I read through descriptions of their artisanal truffles and slates with exotic names like Malagasy, Gianduja, and Mixed Nut Saffron Chikki, and was happy to discover a new chocolate gastronomy. But instead of picking up a Sake truffle or a Mango Paprika chocolate slate, I opted for an ingredient pairing as romantic and familiar as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet:

A sprinkle of rustic green and metallic red covering a milky white chocolate, the Rose Hip Pistachio Chocolate looked beautiful, provincial and inviting. Founded on a layer of dark chocolate, the flavor was a bittersweet bouquet with a melange of butter and swooning rose. The refreshing aftertaste lingered long after the chocolate mellowed and disappeared, imploring for more.


172 Prince St (between Thompson St & Sullivan St)

Hours: Mon-Thu 12 pm – 8 pm, Fri-Sat 12 pm – 9.30 pm, Sun 12 pm – 6 pm

Phone: (212) 256-0332

Nearest Subway: Spring St (A, C, E), Houston St (1, 2), Prince St (N, R)


Priscilla Liu is a multifaceted writer who complains and criticizes because deep down she believes in the good of mankind and the world can do better. She reads voraciously because she did not fit in well in high school nor was she particularly good at math. A sentient being who enjoys traveling and eating, Priscilla is from Jakarta, Indonesia, and continues to be an observant outsider in New York City. She is studying Economics to figure out why writers can’t do their jobs and afford housing at the same time.

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