Summer Anti-Blockbuster Preview

The summer movie season is always tough for me.  Why?  Because every film that is released is either an exploding superhero action flick or a rom-com on the verge of insanity that, frankly, I’m just not interested in.  I can’t seem to find a smart film to go see during the hot months.  There are a handful, but living in a town where I believe is against good cinema, it’s hard to see the films I want. They usually come in so late past their limited release date, or don’t even get a screen space at all.  If you agonize over summer blockbusters like me, I’ve made a list of a few films that are worth your ten bucks.  So forget The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Men in Black III (why did there ever have to be a MIB3 movie?), and all other things not worth seeing.  Check out these films instead.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel [May 4]

British seniors decide to retire in India; after all, the last thing we wanted was a repeat of the British occupation.  But with Harry Potter and Downton Abbey actress Maggie Smith as part of the retirees, one cannot resist the charm presented as it did in the preview.  Dev Patel also stars as one of the welcoming natives, a role that one can only hope will be as good as his turn in Slumdog Millionaire.

Moonrise Kingdom [May 25]

Wes Anderson’s latest film surrounds two preteens who run away from summer camp in 1960s New England.  The cast includes Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, and  promises to be filled with quirky laughs.  The film will premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this year, making this a must see.

Lola Versus [June 8]

Greta Gerwig stars a twentysomething who is dumped by her fiancé weeks before her wedding.  Then a mental breakdown ensues with loveless dates and insecurity.  This is definitely the next big hipster film for the hipsters in the world.

To Rome With Love [June 22]

There is a lot riding on Woody Allen’s latest film.  After the massive success of last year’s Midnight in Paris, he turns his attention to Italy and creates an ensemble piece (featuring Penelope Cruz, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Paige, and Jesse Eisenberg) about love.  It’s part Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Never Asked), part, well, Midnight in Paris.  Allen appears in the film since his last acting role in 2006’s Scoop, which is refreshing and much needed for this viewer.

Beasts of the Southern Wild [June 27]

This year’s Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner deals with the rise of the apocalypse in a fable-ish manner.  While the cast is filled with non-actors, it is only a matter of time when this film will start Oscar talk for next year’s awards.  My suggestion is to watch this film so you’re well into the game for next Oscar season.

Ruby Sparks [July 25]

Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris made their first film in 2006 with the indie delight Little Miss Sunshine.  Six years later, they return with their second film and reunite with Sunshine star Paul Dano in a film about a novelist with extreme writer’s block.  He ends up writing a novel about a girl named Ruby Sparks, and, poof, she appears in real life.  It’s a real rom-com with smarts, (and what’s not to love about Dano)?

Celeste and Jesse Forever [August]

Another Sundance film gets a summer release.  This one stars Rashida Jones (who also happened to co-write the screenplay) and Andy Samberg as exes who remain friendly while they explore other romantic relationships with other people.  Yet another rom-com, but hey, at least its got to be better than What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Lawless [August 31]

Finally, before you return to campus, check out this potential Oscar contender about moonshiners avoiding law enforcers.  Based on a true story, it was adapted from Matt Bondurant’s novel The Wettest County in the World.  The likely draw is the stellar cast that ranges from Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf to Guy Pierce and Jessica Chastain.


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Screenwriter. Humanities scholar. Cinephile. Samantha hails from Richmond, Virginia. She hates Hollywood synergy and people that get on her nerves. When she's not busy writing her next masterpiece or watching movies on Netflix and Hulu Plus, she serves on Student Senate, Student Life, SSSF, and SLAC where she tries to make "home" a better place for other students. Samantha would also like for people to understand that she loves Jean-Luc Godard films, even though he's anti-semitic and she's a Jew.

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