Submission Guidelines

Sarah Lawrence College is a space for those who choose to explore: academically, creatively, politically, and artistically. SLCSpeaks aims to report on and off campus opportunities, showcase student talent and aggregate community opinions. At Sarah Lawrence, we value diverse, interesting perspectives. Here, SLC speaks its mind. There is more to say.

What we’re looking for: Articles between 400-800 words. Articles can be on the shorter side if they rely heavily on some other sort of media, be that original photo or video content. Longer articles are welcome, but we do value concision. The tone of the piece is up to you, anywhere from a conversational editorial to a borderline academic think piece. Content, be it opinion, review, profile, or satire, should relate back to Sarah Lawrence College in some capacity. Opinion articles should articulate a clear argument with a particular perspective. SLCSpeaks has editors specific to Campus, Opinion, City, Art and Style. This is a good thing to keep in mind when writing an article for submission. The editor for each section is responsible for reviewing student submissions related to their section, and going through the editorial process with a those students. If perhaps you have an idea, and aren’t certain about whether it would make a successful SLCSpeaks article, feel free to run it by an editor.

The process looks something like this: After a student has sent their article to our publications email inbox ( or directly to the most relevant editor, that editor will respond, either to confirm they have received the article or directly with the first round of edits. These edits are likely to be a combination of cosmetic editorial changes and some larger suggestions, perhaps related to structure, syntax, or rhetoric. After the initial round of edits, author and editor can bounce the article around a couple more times (3 max.) before it’s ready to post. For articles that are more complicated in subject matter, deal with a delicate subject, or require closer attention, we are likely to send the article to all or several of our editors, and discuss it collectively at our weekly meeting. This means that the turnaround time for a piece varies depending on the article. However, we will remain in communication with you throughout the process, and assure you that you will get to look at the final version of your piece before it is posted to our site.

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