SLCeeds- Partake in the life of deliberate creation!

When I think of an entrepreneur, a corporate world with a 9-5 job immediately come to mind. So when I came across “SLCeeds”- a pilot project to help propel entrepreneurial ideas, I was convinced that it couldn’t have anything of interest to offer an Arts Major like myself. A brief interview with Angela Cherubini (Director of Career Counseling) and Jennifer Stam (Chief Coordinator for SLCeeds) made me realize that this program was in fact, an opportunity for students from all disciplines to conceive and concretize career ideas for themselves.
The components of this program include: An Idea Generation Workshop (February 2013) conducted by leading consultant Richard Harriman aimed to stimulate creative thinking; followed by a PitchFest (February 2013) where candidates present and uphold their ideas before a distinguished panel of judges. The selected candidates participate in a weekend long educational program (March 2013) led by “Golden Seeds” ( and watch a live pitch, attend mentorship programs, field trips etc. to further develop their enterprise. In May 2013, candidates pitch their polished presentation before the same panel for a final round of recommendations, feedback and a certificate of completion and are now ready to launch their venture!
SLCeeds is open to anyone who is seeking professional help for an idea that needs pursuit and fortification.
If you recognize within yourself a fiery entrepreneurial spirit that needs fuelling, have a conference project that has the potential to be amplified or would just like to be part of a stimulating atmosphere soaked with innovation, this is the event for you!
Hear more at an Open Q & A on Thursday, January 31st (with Pizza) at 1:30pm or 5:30pm at Bates Meeting Room. Email to receive more information and visit

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