SLC Comedy Couple Graduates, Makes Sextape

Last year, we introduced you to Hans and Chelsea, the comedic duo behind funny Bates fodder known as Full Frontal. They also made a video featured on Funny or Die and generally brought humor to our Bronxville lives. Now they’re in the wider world, making jokes and proving that there is hope for life after college.

SLCspeaks: So, just the basics: How were you guys formed? And why “Sextape Comedy?”

Sextape: Well Hans and I [Chelsea] met in college and worked on Full Frontal (a satirical magazine) together and then we moved to Brooklyn. Then Tim flew down from space and we all started working together. Seriously, Tim is from Jupiter. We’re called Sextape Comedy because sex sells, kids.

Your videos put a really unique spin on some worn-out jokes (think: “I love you, period”). What is your process like? Who comes up with the ideas, where do they come from, etc?

S: Worn-out? OUCH, NICE ZINGER. We all pitch ideas together and a motivated individual types up a script. Then we film (mostly within a span of a few days) and Tim edits everything together. The ideas mostly come from our brains. Some of jokes come from Chelsea’s dick.

And, on that note, how many tries does it take to make one video? Some of your best moments are the ones in which you break character at the ends of your videos, so it must happen pretty often.

S: Most of our bloopers are staged. As professional actors, we never mess up.

You really utilise the city as a setting. Have you ever run into any pedestrian troubles/weird looks/questions?

S: Not really. We shoot a lot of stuff on the fly and people generally don’t even realize we’re filming.

What video are you, as a group, most proud of? What are your individual favorites?

S: Tim and Hans are partial to Patrick Vermillion’s work, so they’d have to say The Mysterious Case of the Thanksgiving Pinata. Chelsea likes Subtraction a lot, but it’s not because she doesn’t love Patrick. She thinks he’s truly one in a Vermillion.

There seem to be a lot of different styles of comedy sort of all blended into one, here. Do you guys have any key people/groups of inspiration?

S: YES! We all have very different comedic tastes. Tim loves Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Tim and Eric, and Bill Hicks. Hans loves Comedy Bang Bang, Bret Gelman’s 1000 Cats, and Soul Plane, and Chelsea loves Kids in the Hall, Stella, and Chris Farley. We’d like to think that our different tastes blend together into one amazing comedy smoothie.

Find out more at Sextape’s Facebook

Cecily Lane is a sophomore this year and is proud to be heading the Create section! A faithful devotee to all things pearl-related, you will often find her on campus in high heels (even when going to the gym) and a dress. Her signature 'victory curl' hairstyle takes about five seconds every morning, but makes her look like she puts more effort into her appearance than she actually does. She enjoys acting, writing, and making jokes that only 12-year-old boys find funny.

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