Screw the Snow, Celebrate International Women’s Day

If you missed SLC’s annual Women’s History Conference last weekend, you can celebrate worldwide sisterhood on Friday, March 8 on International Women’s Day.  Established in early 20th century by women’s labor groups in Eastern Europe and the U.S., the day is still used to promote discourse around gender inequalities, poverty, and human rights abuses against women.


An official hub site for IWD shares stories, scholarship, and art from women around the globe, as well as resources and listings for Women’s Day events worldwide, ranging from online photo archives celebrating high heels to erotic poetry readings to open-bar dance parties.


While this year’s theme is “Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum,” focusing on closing the achievement gap, many individual panels like the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women panel “The Global Campaign to Stop Stoning” and demonstrations like the Union Square rally to End Misogyny aim to bring awareness to a diverse range of issues affecting women worldwide.


A few weeks ago Ella Mahony reminded us of the importance of scholarship with solidarity, and this year’s Women’s History Conference honoring activist Amy Swerdlow, “Activism and Scholarship”, emphasized the same thing. Events happen  across Manhattan throughout the day and many are open, so if you find yourself in the city, duck intoa documentary screening and discussion with Charlotte Bunch or theInternational Women Artists Salon’s 2013 Salon sYmphoNY performed by female musicians from around the world.


You can also support the development and growth of girls everywhere by nomming four boxes of Thin Mints with the door locked. International Women’s Day is a major sponsor of Girls Scouts of America. Don’t wait for your mom to send them!



International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8. For a complete listing of IWD events, further information, and IWD resources, see their website

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