Our Sarah Lawrence Bucket List: 50 Goals

1) Paint on the Free Speech Board.
2) Sled down Bates Hill AND Marshall Field.
3) Initiate a snowball fight on the South Lawn.
4) Go to Bates brunch and binge on pierogies.
5) Attend midnight breakfast.
6) Pull an epic all-nighter in library (BYO pillow + blankets).
7) Shower in Marshall Field with an excited partner.
8) Have sex in the study room, anyway!
9) Take someone else’s order at the Pub.
10) Take a nap in the Pillow Room.
11) Make a mistake at the Blue Room.
12) Get on stage during a live Open Mic performance.
13) Sarah Lawrence Karen Lawrence.
14) Eat the Andrews blueberries!
15) Streak. Anywhere.
16) Take a dance class.
17) Pay attention to the emails and back up your conference work.
18) Miss the last train to Bronxville.
19) Throw a party that gets busted by security.
20) Throw a party that DOESN’T get busted by security.
21) Don’t care what you wear to class.
22) Take Tupperware to Bates.
23) Swing on the swings at an obscure hour.
24) Hook up in Heimbold.
25) Have a secret party in PAC.
26) Take a cab back to Bronxville.
27) “Intern in ‘The City’”.
28) Go to a professor’s house.
29) Palmer. Lounge.
30) Get drunk at Blue Moon happy hour.
31) Cozy up to the bartender at Wild Ginger.
32) Actually use your OneCard cash at CVS.
33) Cry over the buy-back prices at the school store.
34) Be nice to all first-years.
35) Take the Met Van.
36) Take the FAN VAN.
37) Join a sports team, club, or campus group.
38) Go to a language table.
39) Milkshakes at the Black Squirrel!
40) Steal the Hill House shopping cart.
41) Come prepared to conference.
42) Get an ice cream from the Mr. Softee truck.
43) Join in on one of the impromptu South Lawn drum circles.
44) Have your friend give you an edgy undercut.
45) Get a stick-and-poke.
46) Defend Sarah Lawrence to a stranger.
47) Make fun of the Sarah Lawrence tropes.
48) Explain the conference system to someone.
49) Be on the Orientation Team.
50) Watch 10 Things I Hate About You.

Gabrielle Campagnano (Opinion Editor)’s favorite word is communication. She is described by close friends (and enemies) as “diligent,” “an appreciator of words,” “jolly,” “hottest monogomist” and “moogle”. Although she concentrates in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence, you can talk to her about intelli-rap and Szechuan peppercorns. Post-grad, Gabrielle plans on readying the next generation of artists (ages 5-10) to take on the world with mindfulness and sensitivity.

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