The Sadie-Lou Witch Project

On the night when the veil between the living and the dead begins to rip and tear, Hecate, the magnificent goddess of witchcraft swept down and possessed one of our own. Her quest to spread her mystical infection stopped only when she had successfully raised her kin to live in the shallow skins of our scholars.

Below find the wicked Cornelius Agrippa, occultist writer and theologist, Jenny Greenteeth, the anti-maternal sorceress accused of drowning 8 children in a surging river, the infamously renowned misogynist-murderer, and Circe, who has found a new method spellcraft in stick-and-poke tattoos.

Stay safe under the light of the moon, and perhaps carry some sage. You never know who or what might attempt to steal your soul for one last hurrah.

Click any one of the below images to launch the slideshow.

Fashion: James Neiley, Geneva Rose
Photo: Isabel Farrington
Models: Gigi Gately, Marina Manoukian, Ali Tippet, Maddie Malenfant, Breanna Northrup

Special Thanks to Chaos NY for providing us with witchy crop tops, dresses, skirts, cardigans and the like. Luckily, if you’re craving something we used, they’re located just in Bronxville across from Starbucks.

James Neiley (Fashion Editor) is a senior and enjoys lounge kimonos, vintage fur, and large bathtubs. He studies fashion history and french, but particularly revels in excellent cinema costume design.


  • Reply November 1, 2013

    Concerned Student

    I find the lack of diversity disturbing.

  • Reply December 4, 2013


    these photos are awesome

  • Reply January 10, 2014


    i have commented on this with complaints and they don’t show up, what is the point?

    yes the lack of diversity is ridiculous and whoever put this together/photographed it should be ashamed they did not realize

    also , most of these photos look like they were taken with an old flip phone, please do try to find a decent photographer next time.

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