Reflections on Thanksgiving Via My iPod

Truth be told, I’m rarely anywhere without my iPod, and am fast on the road to becoming deaf at a young age. I’m surprisingly comfortable with this fact. I’m a music nerd and I’m okay with that. My iPod knows me as well as I know myself. There are some days when my shuffle is so spot on it scares me. Now with things like Spotify and campus-wide WiFi access thrown in the mix, I’m pretty much inseparable from my music. So here’s a Thanksgiving EP that tells the story of the holiday through the eyes of the MP3 player that knows me best…


1: At Full Speed by Jack’s Mannequin

“There’s gas in the car, hours til sunrise”

Getting home is always an issue. New York transit, albeit good, is ALWAYS crowded. It’s extra crowded when you’re lugging a suitcase and backpack. Thanksgiving only aggravates this situation. The subway is packed, the roads are jammed, and the buses are close to overflowing. So this year, I opted to drive home with a friend. This meant piling into her car at the ass-crack of dawn and driving through the night, before the rest of the world got up and got on the road. Driving through foggy Pennsylvania early in the morning was breath-taking, but I can’t say I’ll ever do it again. As young adults, we saw four hour driving on no-sleep as an adventure and one of those whatever-we’re-young moments. In retrospect, I see it as just stupid. But it got us home, home for the holidays.


2: Something Good This Way Comes by Jakob Dylan

“Got sweet apple pie on the stove the birds they’re all flyin low cause I know something good this way comes”

For my family, Thanksgiving isn’t about turkey. It’s about pie. The day before Thanksgiving, my brother Ted and I rally and bake. With the table set for upwards of 20 people, a lot of dessert needs to be made. This prompts an all day bake-off resulting in something like 10 pies, 1 tart and maybe a cake depending on the year. Is it much too much? Probably. Will we end up diabetic? Most likely. Will we change? No.


3: The Muppet Show Theme Song by The Muppets

“It’s time put on makeup. It’s time to dress up right.”

Any family event requires dressing up. Pictures will be taken, relatives will be present—dressing up is a must. Especially for Thanksgiving. But I don’t really mind. I think of it this way: if I put nice things on and come downstairs, I will eventfully be rewarded with food. Anything can be accomplished if there’s food involved. Fun Fact: I also inherited a giant Beeker head this year, so it’s extra relevant.


4: Show Me Where Your Noms At? by Songs to Wear Pants To/Hannah Hart

“It’s such phenomeNOM, join us fu’tha nomathon”

Ah yes, the actual dinner. There is so much food on the Marquedant table, you can hardly see straight. Everything from your standard turkey to various casseroles to jello mold gets crammed on to one of several serving tables. Relatives mill through, filling their plates. I personally b-line for the ham and the sweet potatoes (they have pineapple, marshmallows and walnuts, how could I not?) Then everyone eats until they’re teetering on the brink of a food coma. Then it’s coffee break. Then dessert.


5: Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran

“My mouth is alive with juices like wine and I’m hungry like the wolf”

Every Thanksgiving, I feel borderline barbaric. Whether I’m staggering up to the table for my third helping of food, or working my way through the line for the first time, there’s this weird omnivorous haze that descents over the house. Sometimes it feels like in-between childhood stories, someone will appear with a goat to be sacrificed.


6: Poker Face by Lady Gaga

“Can’t read my, can’t read my. No you can’t read my poker face”

Usually my family hosts a massive poker game around the dinner table after the feeding has stopped. We only play for nickels and dimes, but all of the generations get involved. There is no such thing as “respecting your elders” in 7-card. Unfortunately this year it got downgraded to a game of Trivial Pursuit. Back to saving my quarters for laundry…


7: Friends Will Be Friends by Queen

“When you’re in need of love they give you care and attention, friends will be friends”

Breaks always mean catching up with friends. Thanksgiving is magical and means most everyone is home all at once. It’s just grand. Seeing  old friends and roaming back to old haunts is one of my favorite things to do back home. This year we all gathered for a post-Thanksgiving pie feast. I know this holiday is meant to be about family, but friend


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Zoe Marquedant doesn't talk about Fight Club. She is an SLC writing student with a dinosaur watch and an over-developed sense of state pride. She can be found around campus perpetuating awkward moments and swearing like a sailor. Zoe firmly believes life is what happens in-between good cups of coffee.

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