Post-teen Vogue: Sarah Lawrence Starts in Style

For those who are new, welcome to SLCSpeaks’ fashion section, where you’ll find all the fabulous updates on Sarah Lawrence style. This week we’ve compiled a collection of the best sharper-than-pencils back to school looks we saw this week. Start taking notes, because these scholars, new and old, have it down.

Guido Castellani, '14

Guido Castellani, ’14


Nachi Conde-Farley, '14

Nachi Conde-Farley, ’14


Will Peterson, '15

Will Peterson, ’15


Colleen O'Connor, '15

Colleen O’Connor, ’15


Everett Irving, '14

Everett Irving, ’14


Emma Niwa, '14

Emma Niwa, ’14


Geneva Rose

Geneva Rose

Photo credit: James Neiley, Lauren Valentine


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