Post Cards from Spring: SLC Fashion Spread

We at SLCspeaks take Spring Break very seriously, and there’s nothing we love more than hearing and sharing stories about how much work we didn’t do in favor of a hot minute of relaxation. So let’s take a second and reflect on packing up suitcases, catching a cab, drinking soda-pop, and spending nights under bright lights and stars. Cheers to another fabulous break, and six more weeks at Sadie Lou.









Ft. SLC student models: Vani Ramaraj, Kit Mocarski, Jen Ashlyn, Claire Natirbov, Sarah Corner, and Alexandra Martone.
Photo Credit: Isabel Farrington
Styling Credit: James Neiley
Clothes: Models’ own

James Neiley (Fashion Editor) is a senior and enjoys lounge kimonos, vintage fur, and large bathtubs. He studies fashion history and french, but particularly revels in excellent cinema costume design.

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    Yes, I love these postcards! The colors on models are fabulous! Well, I am jealous and want to have one appearing in my post box!!!!

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