Playlist: Work It

Whether you’re freaking out over relative pronouns or trying to assemble your conference bibliography, every dedicated work sesh deserves a soundtrack to sooth, motivate, and encourage the triumphant meeting of deadlines. And sometimes LMFAO gets old. Here are some more sophisticated songs, carefully compiled by SLCspeaks Staff Writer Gina Caputo. Listen to them on our YouTube Channel.

“Hail Mary” by Pomplamoose on the album “Pomplamoose VideoSongs”
Subtle percussion, clever arrangement, and Nataly Dawn’s voice provide a space for you to begin to focus on the task at hand.

“Passenger Seat” by Jack Conte & Louis Cole on the album “VideoSongs Volume I”
There’s nothing like some incredible drumming to groove to while you’re pounding out a paper.

“Leeds United” by Amanda Palmer on the album “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?”
The idea that your studies are grand and important enough to be accompanied by a full band is wonderful.

“Bachata en Fukuoka” by Juan Luis Guerra on the album “A Son de Guerra”
I love the sweet melody and happy groove of this love song that is as much a tribute to a woman as to her country, Japan.

“Harder On Me” by Via Audio on the album “Say Something Say Something Say Something”
Jessica Martin’s calm, clear vocals have often soothed me from my unfortunately frequent bouts of crazed procrastination-fueled frenzy.

“Bright Lights Bigger City” by Cee Lo Green on the album “The Lady Killer”
This slick number, the most highly produced track on this list, will make you feel like whatever you are doing is incredibly cool and vital.

“Turn the Lights Off” by Tally Hall on the album “Good & Evil”
Zubin Sedghi’s quiet beginning verse leads into the chorus, which explodes into a campy, monster party techno anthem. Rock out (but keep studying).

“Window Shop” by Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi on the album “Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi”I am again showcasing Louis Cole’s superb drumming, which I believe to be highly conducive to educational progress. Additionally, Genevieve Artadi’s vocals lend a sense of sophistication to the piece.

“Movie Loves A Screen” by April Smith & The Great Picture Show on the album “Songs For A Sinking Ship”
April Smith’s powerful voice takes a relaxed turn in this charming, bubbly piece.

“Ser Humano” by Natalia y La Forquetina on the album “Casa”
Sometimes a power pop anthem is necessary. In Spanish. Yeah.

“In A Dream” by Skybox on the album “Morning After Cuts”
The serene techno funkiness of this song makes it a cheery study companion.

“Cheap Champagne” by Georgie James on the album “Places”
This short-lived band produced a number of catchy songs, of which this one is probably the least distracting during study time.

“Ella Es Bonita” by Natalia LaFourcade on the album “Hu Hu Hu”
A classic song of jealousy with a trombone and synthesizers; what else could you ask for? Keep working!

“Nobody” by Jukebox the Ghost on the album “Everything Under the Sun”
The mixture of Ben Thornewill’s vocals and impeccable piano, Tommy Siegel’s splashy guitar, and Jesse Kristin’s drumming makes a perfect storm of a song that will be stuck in your head without you minding much as you continue to type/read/procrastinate.

“The World Is Waking Up!” by Casey Shea on the album “Love Is Here To Stay” Classic electric guitar and unserious lyrics combine to help you power through the last part of your studies. (I mean, you’re almost done, aren’t you? I’ve kept you here for almost an hour.)

Featured photo from Piccsy.

Gina Caputo is a reasonably well-mannered young woman from Norwalk, CT who enjoys the company of frighteningly honest people and the occasional antihero. She steals ideas from her real-life twin sister Maria, a vast array of books, and (of course) the internet. She hopes to continue conquering the Romance languages at SLC.

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