Overheard at SLC: Oct 31–Nov 5

Does every quote, every utterance, need context? Kant asserted that context and particularities warp the truth (and, therefore, our ability to understand the truth)*, and this week’s “Overheard at SLC” submissions (especially our bonus “Teacherism”) incline me to believe him. (Yes, I totally realize the irony of asserting these submissions as a priori when they not only require language to communicate, but also provide locations. And the fact that Kant uses language to assert the “truth.” Life is full of Kant-radictions… I actually deeply despise myself for writing that.)

Submit yours and become (anonymously) famous: slcspeaks@gm.slc.edu

“I’m a pilgrim. A sexy pilgrim.”



“If you ever got shipped off, I’d send you Amazon food.”

—a true friend in Hill House


“And I look to my right and say, ‘Is that fucking Sun Xing?!’”

—Slonim Woods


“This is the waiting room for the dead.”

—an AC common room



Bonus “Teacherism”

(Special thanks to the incomparable Professor Lauinger himself for giving his consent to publication)

“Everything you can think of pornographically has been done… it’s a question of theme and variations.”

—Joe “Room of Porn” Lauinger

*If you disagree with my interpretation of Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, please email me!




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