Overheard at SLC: Nov 6–Nov 12

Eleven years ago, a Disney television musical about a star athlete and an academically gifted newcomer who pioneered a socialist revolution in East High School through a series of musical numbers forever changed the landscape of Disney cinema. Its legacy seems to be carried on in this week’s “Overheard at SLC” submissions, along with some other quotes by frustrated lovers and Andrews residents concerned with unhygienic tables and gun control.

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“This table has not been bathed.”

—someone with their priorities straight in Andrews Court


“I had to drop my therapist because he was terrible at cunnilingus.”

—the Pub (girl from Week 1, is that you? Sorry to hear things didn’t pan out :/ )


“Did someone leave their glock on Kimball?”

—a concerned citizen in Andrews Court


“I want to go to an art gallery where they only make High School Musical jokes.”

—someone with a refined palate on the Bronxville train

—watching High School Musical in OSilas



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Anushka is a senior who is the personification of the moon emoji. She is obsessed with Twin Peaks theories and is constantly trying to decipher the lyrics to every Cocteau Twins song.

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