Overheard at SLC: Nov 13—Nov 19

During this Thanksgiving season, we recognize that life, though full of suffering and strife, is filled with things worth being grateful for. Are these things family, friends, and good health? Hell no. No, we give thanks for preposterous quotes taken out of context. This week’s Overheard at SLC features a heaping helping of pegging, Buddy Holly, and of course, turkey—hold the genocide and colonialism. If only we did. If only we did.

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“Why do we keep assuming that Cap’n Crunch isn’t trans?”



“He was ancient and he died a long time ago but he was hot as fuck.”

—a girl on Buddy Holly, Hill House


“Really, our entire conception of pegging is heteronormative.”

—Saturday Bates Brunch


“Yeah, fuck kids. Oh my god, but not literally. That’s disgusting.”

—Andrews Court

“If I wanted to shove a loaf of bread in a turkey’s butt, I’d just hire a hooker.”

—a true economist in Hill House



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Just a large eggplant.

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