Open Mic Night, Wes Anderson & Shakespeare Destroy This Week

When it comes to activities, this school is chalk full of them. Here are some that are definite musts.

Open Mic @ The Black Squirrel

This is the first open mic night of the school year! Only recently, has SLAC decided to theme each one, and this time it’s “Firsts”

“There’s a first time for everything. Tell us about one of your firsts. Sing us a song with your voice. Perform a dramatic monologue about the first time you ate an entire pizza.”

you can sign up using this link

or show up 15 mins before the show.

9pm, Thursday, Sept. 18


Maxwell Hegley’s new theatre company, Crownheart, will be performing it’s first staged reading of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope by Ian Doescher. Whatever Max can get his hands on is certainly going to make you guffaw, and when was the last time you guffawed?

This Friday, sept. 19, 7pm @ MacCracken Meeting Room

Sexual Misconduct and College Life

Of course, the issue of sexual assault needs due attention, especially here. Since SLC is a relatively small community, it’s particularly difficult to maintain the belief that this is a safe environment. This Thursday, Sept. 18, there will be an All-Campus meeting at 5:30pm in Reisinger to continue the dialogue and how to create a “sexual assault free environment (SAFE)”. Dean Allen Green, and president Karen Lawrence will be in attendance. There are two more schedule dates for follow up on Oct. 1 & 13.

Thursday, Sept. 18 5:30 @Reisinger

People’s Climate March

On Sunday, several world leaders will be meeting in NYC for a dialogue on the current climate crisis. Several SLC students are planning to attend, and what better way is there to create community with people who are just as passionate about change as you are. The meet up is at Central Park West, between 65th and 86th streets.

11:30, Sunday Sept. 21, Central Park West

For more info:

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Even if you already saw Wes Anderson’s latest film, there are so many intricate details that probably passed your scope of vision or was blocked by the hat of whoever was sitting in front of you in the theatre. This is part of SLAC’s film series in The Titsworth Lecture hall

Wednesday and Saturday, 9pm @ Miller Lecture Hall in Titsworth

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