On Being Vulgar, And Liking It

This summer I found myself getting angry looks, often, while driving. It wasn’t because I was being reckless—I’m your regular old Sunday slow granny behind the wheel—nor was it because I was naked, using illicit drugs, or making obscene gestures at passersby. It was because I was listening to Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino.

One fateful night in late May, my friend Julia introduced me to this song that would forever change my summer. Community actor-turned-rapper Donald Glover is responsible for this glorious entity, under his pseudonym of Gambiny. As stated by Wikipedia, he picked the name by using the Wu-Tang Clan name generator online. Already promising.

The song is packed with horrifyingly inappropriate, and clever, lyrics that are as jarring as they are perfect. From the first line alone: “alright, Gambino is a mastermind/fuck a bitch to pass the time” you’re bound to have a reaction. And I think that’s what I love the most. I’m not one to search for conflict. You won’t see me having angry outbursts. I worked at a daycare for a majority of the summer, though, and after those 11 hour days, I needed to let out some steam.

Letting the entirety of Farmington, Connecticut know that “I got some pussy that was insane/so insane it’s an enemy of Batman” was my way of putting some rebellious energy into the air. I found myself listening to this song 5, 7, 15 times per day for the whole of summer. I’m listening to it right now. And I’m still not sick of it.

This fascination has abolished anything resembling a phase. I am a full-blown Gambino addict. Did I upset some soccer moms on their way to pick up dinner? Sure. But perhaps everyone needs a jolt like that once in a while. Myself, and the moms included. As the master says: “took the g out yo waffle/all you got left is yo ego.” And Childish Gambino helps me pump mine.



Watch the music video; you can judge for yourself.


Our Editors’ Top 5 Favorite Summer 2011 Songs:

Gabrielle Campagnano

1) You already know.

2) Our New Intelligence–River City Extension

3) Countdown–Beyonce

4) Gotta Have It–Jay-Z & Kanye West

5) Fear Forever–My Sick Uncle (From the album entitled (500) Days of Weezy. Get it now.)


Anna Quinlan

1)Daylight–Matt & Kim

2) Hot Like Fire (Aliyah Cover)–The xx

3)Going the Distance–Menahan Street Band

4) Vivrant Thing–Violator Featuring Q-Tip

5) Bonita Applebum–A Tribe Called Quest


Ella Riley-Adams

1) Otis–Jay-Z & Kanye West

2) Edge of Glory–Lady Gaga

3) Living in America–DOM

4) Keep You–Class Actress

5) Good Life–One Republic

Gabrielle Campagnano (Opinion Editor)’s favorite word is communication. She is described by close friends (and enemies) as “diligent,” “an appreciator of words,” “jolly,” “hottest monogomist” and “moogle”. Although she concentrates in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence, you can talk to her about intelli-rap and Szechuan peppercorns. Post-grad, Gabrielle plans on readying the next generation of artists (ages 5-10) to take on the world with mindfulness and sensitivity.

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