Neighborhood Watch: Nadir Puccinelli

This is the first post of “Neighborhood Watch”, a new Fashion column started by editor James Neiley to show off some of the best personal style on campus. If you would like to nominate a fellow student as the next subject for “Neighborhood Watch”, just shoot us an email! We are kicking it off with Nadir Puccinelli, class of 2015:

Nadir’s sense of style is classic, yet injected with a modern flair. Nadir’s rich background (he’s half Italian, half Turkish) and his wide travels are reflected in his distinctive wardrobe, combining unique pieces picked up in places from India to Brooklyn. “I like every piece of clothing to be special and have something I appreciate in it. I like a lot of old-fashioned things that have happened but are no longer used. I really like getting clothes that have something special, that have a story.” He combines unique pieces picked up by the radar of his tasteful eye, which must have been inherited from his family along with some astonishingly beautiful antique articles, like his grandfather’s woolly grey tweed pants. “I was very influenced by the movies I watched as a kid, with Frank Sinatra, classics that my mom always made me watch because I never had TV. Also, just modern designers and the way that clothes try to have a new take on already used…I mean everything is just a repetition in some way, so I try to add little fairs, like use of color, wich is something used less before and now in modern clothes its being used more.”

Nadir often spends time around North Lawn and his home in the New Dorms, catching up with friends and enjoying the unusual winter sunshine. His sunflower yellow suede Churches shoes brighten up the entire outfit, which he balances with a lush and bright red scarf. He keeps the rest of his ensemble neutral, with a lovely textured sweater from Olaf’s in Brooklyn, a thrift store which specializes in menswear, topped off with a pristine bow tie. His corduroy pants were handed down to him by his father. “My personal sense of style comes from the way I live my life. and what I was interested in in high school, just the person that I was, trying to express the way in which I was set apart from society of just high school and the society of children. I did at some point try to conform with everybody else, we all do, but at some point I broke away from that. I didn’t want to shock people, I just wanted to be different from them, so I didn’t just go crazy, I just wore things I enjoyed myself but other people found a little weird. It was a slow transformation.”

Nadir brightens up a greyscale outfit with pops of red to keep him looking neutral yet also quirky and bold. He’s sure he always knows the time with the Rolex his father gave him for his nineteenth birthday and his Olympus pocket watch, a favored piece of Nadir’s. His visionary style is apparent in the employment of a golf club for a cane, which he found at Bronxville’s own Bargain Box. His jacket is Ralph Lauren Polo, which he bought on sale in Istanbul. His cashmere scarf is from Delhi, India, a favored spot for relatively cheap shopping. His glasses are Epos Milano from Florence; Nadir collects glasses from antique stores. His influence by European style is apparent: in Europe, Nadir describes, “people, men and women, have more clean, more classically organized outfits, but at the same time they don’t have that modernity that in American is very affluent. Both my parents dressed that way because that’s where there from,” he divulged.

Nadir maintains a classic structure in his wardrobe, but adds his own eccentric surprises. He manages to look polished and professional yet still his peculiar self, with his diverse roots and influences. “Dressing well, more than even making clothes, is a way of expressing yourself, it’s a form of art. It expresses the person that you are in a lot of senses, not only the way you perceive the world and people and your aesthetic sense but in your background, where you come from, what you’ve done.”

Photography by: Lillian Rosner

Colleen is an avid hula hooper and stargazer who enjoys appeasing her wanderlust, consuming massive amounts of caffeine, and making things. Originally hailing from a sleepy island off the coast of Texas, she is ecstatic to be closer to the city lights. She is currently interested in literature, philosophy, and the visual arts.

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