Narrowing it down: top five events on campus this week – 4/25/11

The end of semester crunch is officially here. As of Sunday night, the library is now open 24/7. One cup of coffee will probably not be enough to get through the day anymore. However! Taking a break every now and then is necessary and productive. Here are a few ways to clear your head but stay simultaneously stimulated.

Wall to Wall Chamber Music — Monday, 4/25 @ 6pm, Reisinger
Have an early dinner and head over to Reisinger to hear some top quality performance! This concert features music students playing a vast range of chamber music, from a Ravel string quartet to a Beethoven piano trio, and plenty in between. It’s the perfect way to get some new music exposure and relax.

The Player of the Story: Computer Games and the Future of Fiction — Tuesday, 4/26 @ 5:30pm, Heimbold Donnelly Lecture Hall
Noah Wardrip Fuin, Associate Professor of Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz will give a talk discussing the novel overlap that computer games create between storytelling and play. By using the usual elements of telling a story (words, images, etc.) but giving the gamer an active role in the storytelling process, computer games have changed how we relate to fiction. Don’t be a n00b; learn more here.

Reading with Debra Spark followed by discussion with Carolyn Ferrell — Wednesday, 4/27 @ 2pm, Slonim Living Room
Anyone interested in the world of fiction writing and publishing would glean a lot of insight from this opportunity to listen to and converse with Debra Spark, an accomplished figure in the literary world. Spark has appeared in publications ranging from Esquire to the Washington Post and most certainly has insight to share on writing and getting your work out there.

SPRING FORMAL — 4/29 @ 9pm, Tent on the South Lawn
RJD2 is playing Spring Formal. The Death Set is opening. Bring your student ID or a guest pass. Have a blast.

Burlesque Spring Show — 4/30, Reisinger, time TBA
We might not all feel comfortable stripping down to pasties and a thong for an audience, but the Burlesque troupe certainly makes us wonder why we don’t lower our inhibitions more often. A collection of rehearsed skits and a few solo numbers, the show will titillate and tantalize well into the night…

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