Narrowing it down: top five events on campus this week – 4/18/11

Week of April 18-24

Robyn Ochs: Bisexuality, Myths and Realities — Monday, 4/18 @ 6:30pm, Pillow Room
The Queer Voice Coalition is sponsoring this talk and discussion hosted by Robyn Ochs, a writer and educator on in between identities. She’ll give a presentation about what it means to be bisexual followed by a discussion. Head to the Pillow Room tonight for what promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking event.

Perspectives on Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster — Wednesday, 4/20 @ 12:45pm, Science 103
SLC faculty members Kanwal Singh (Physics), Robert Desjarlais (Anthropology), Sayuri Oyama (Japanese Lang/Lit), and Kuniko Katz (Japanese) are teaming up to host a lecture and discussion about the earthquake disaster in Japan. With this collection of faculty members, the discussion will certainly hold something interesting for anyone. What better way to learn more?

Concert and Conversation: Joan Plana, baroque violin and Martin Goldray, harpsichord — Wednesday, 4/20 @ 12:45pm, Marshall Field Rm. 1
If you’ve decided not to attend Perspectives on Japan’s Earthquake, grab a sandwich from the Pub and make your way to this lunchtime concert in Marshall Field. SLC faculty Marty Goldray and Joan Plana will play music by Telemann, Bach, and more on period instruments. There will also be a bit of discussion about the ins and outs of playing baroque violin.

Warren Green Spring Community Dinner — Friday, 4/22 @ 7pm, Warren Green
It’s the second annual dinner hosted by Warren Green! Bring your own bowl and head to Warren Green for some home-cooked fare, excellent conversation, and maybe even a little bit of music. It’s the ultimate Earth Day celebration!

Vagina Monologues — Friday, 4/22 @ 6pm, Saturday, 4/23 @ 7pm, Sunday, 4/24 @ 6pm
SLC is celebrating V-Day this weekend! Directed by Laura Brown and organized by WoCo (Women of Color and Allies), this firey production promises to be a riot. Tickets are $10, but if the cost is limiting to you, email WoCo at WoCo is hosting a bake sale at the Pub all week. Proceeds from the event are donated to Spotlight on Women of Haiti and the Mary J. Blige Center for Women in Yonkers, NY. Find out more on the event here

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