Narrowing it down: top five events on campus this week – 4/9/12

Who would have guessed that having Spring Break a week later would feel this weird?  The end of semester crunch is fast approaching, but leave your work alone for a few hours this week.  Be it a break to hear about cinema in Cuba, or to join in Vanguard discussions, or to relax listening to the musical stylings of Joe Pug, take a break.

Maria Caridad Cumana: The Cuban Cinema of the ICAIC — Monday, April 9 (TODAY!) @ 5:15pm, Heimbold 135
Maria Cumana offers a unique perspective on the relationship between revolutions and art.  Her talk this evening focuses on film production in post-revolutionary Cuba and how artists have dealt with the social, economic, and political conditions of the society.  Two films, Zona de Silencio (2007), directed by Karel Ducases, and Los Banistas (2010)m directed by Carlos Lechuga, will be screened following her talk, with a Q&A to wrap up the evening.

International Fair — Tuesday, April 10 @ 12pm, North Lawn
Come to the North Lawn for an afternoon of festivities and food.  The International Students Union, Bollywood Appreciation Club, MUN, and PETA have all joined forces to bring you a midday celebration.  Close your books! Go eat some barbecue!

Vanguard Meetings:
Administration, Senate, and Institutional Memory — Tuesday April 10 @ 5pm, MacCracken Meeting Room
Orientation, Donning, and the Conference System — Thursday, April 12 @ 5pm, Pillow Room
Have something to say about the way the school is being run?  Have a complaint, concern or compliment?  As a follow up to its forum on pedagogy in February, the SLC Vanguard is hosting a series of workshops and creating a dialogue around what students and faculty alike are currently thinking.  There are more meetings later in the semester, which will be included here those weeks.  Email with any questions!

SLC Folk Festival — April 13-14, various times, Slonim Living Room
It is back, guys! It’s that time of year again.  Prepare yourself for a weekend of awesome, baklava-filled fun at this weekend’s Folk Festival.  The Folk Club is bringing in a number of artists from outside SLC.  The Festival also features some of SLC’s very own folk-minded students.  The Festival runs Friday night and most of the day Saturday and there is plenty to choose from.

Pippin — April 12 @ 9pm, April 13 and 14 at 7pm, The Basement (underneath the Blue Room in Bates)
Sandcastle Productions is back with another musical!  Pippin is a show filled with fantasy, fun, sex, magic, and, of course, music.  An entirely student-run show, head to the Blue Room for a wild ride.  Sign up starting Monday in the PAC lobby.

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Nina Sparling (Editor, “What’s Up”) is a bi-coastal aspiring bread baker frustrated with the current food system. Originally from Berkeley, she moved to New York, complaining most of the way, until she found the Met and figured out the subway (but still has serious envy for Bay Area vegetables). Currently a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence, Nina studies languages, political ecology, and geography and tries to figure out how they all relate.

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