Narrowing it down: top five events on campus this week – 4/2/12

And so the break is over. The return to school brings a week chock full of events: poetry readings, lectures, concerts, and theater. Getting back into the swing of things tends to be difficult (especially as the sun grows more and more tempting), so take advantage of being distracted to seek out new perspectives in any number of arenas.

Poetics and the Process of Translation — Monday, April 2 @ 12:30pm, Pillow Room
Poet Myriam Moscana and her translator, Jen Hofer, will discuss poetry and translation this afternon. Moscana, from Mexico City, both translates the work of other poets and writes her own poetry. Hofer, based in L.A., is also a poet-translator. Both cross boundaries in their poetry and translation. Come to the Pillow Room over lunch to understand more about the complex worlds between languages.

Poetry Reading: Thomas Sayers Ellis — Tuesday, April 3 @ 6:30pm, Slonim Living Room
Tomorrow’s poetry reading features SLC faculty Thomas Sayers Ellis as well as MFA alumnae Traci Brimhall, Jennifer Wallace, and Meredith Trede. All published, lauded poets, head to Slonim Living Room to hear cutting edge work, at least in part tailored by SLC.

HAP FORUM presents Rosemary Gibson: Patient Advocacy in the Patient Safety Movement: Progress, Pitfalls, and Predictions — Wednesday, April 4 @ 5pm, Wrexham Living Room
Rosemary Gibson, co-author of the Treatment Trap, writes critically about the health care system and an overdependence on tests, surgeries, and doctor’s visits. Gibson advocates for patients in the health care system and has spoken at numerous institutions on patient safety. In light of current political topics, this discussion on health care in America is all the more necessary. RSVP:

Yet Cut Breath, Starnes and Shah, False Priest — Friday, April 6 @ 9pm, Blue Room
This Friday the Blue Room line up features three folk-rock bands. False Priest, made up of current SLC students will open, followed by Starnes and Shah (SLC alums), and Yet Cut Breath (whose guitarist is, too, and SLC alum). Head to this folk-y reunion on Friday night.

Beings at Stake — Friday, April 6 and Saturday, April 7 @ 7pm, PAC Sound and Movement
This theater workshop, written and directed by Iman Al-Salihi, is hard to describe. The provided description follows: “Is it a dream? Or an inferno? It is the confinement and limitation of physical and mental freedom.  It crosses the boundaries of story telling and enters the highly intimate world of picking up the shattered pieces of self.” Find out for yourself.

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Nina Sparling (Editor, “What’s Up”) is a bi-coastal aspiring bread baker frustrated with the current food system. Originally from Berkeley, she moved to New York, complaining most of the way, until she found the Met and figured out the subway (but still has serious envy for Bay Area vegetables). Currently a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence, Nina studies languages, political ecology, and geography and tries to figure out how they all relate.

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