Narrowing it down: top five events on campus this week – 1/30/12

The semester is getting underway and it already feels like Spring even though we’ve technically got another 8-odd weeks. The ever-daunting question of ‘what are you doing this summer’ has begun to loom. Luckily, this week offers a few options, or at least possibilites to consider (and a bit of fun).

Summer Research Internships in Science and Math at SLC — Tuesday, January 31 @ 12:30pm, Science 103
This program offers SLC students the opportunity to work with professors on ongoing research over the summer. A great option for anyone into science or math, make sure to go to the information session and find out more about the various options and how the program works.

Are Books Your Passion? — Tuesday, January 31 @ 1:30pm, Dudley Lawrence Living Room
SLC alum Natalie Vaynberg is coming back to campus to share her personal success story in the world of publishing. The Denver Publishing Institute at the University of Denver offers a course which will help you navigate the ins and outs of the industry. Vaynberg attended the program and will share both her experiences there and in life post-SLC. RSVP to Career Counseling at

Careers at Apple Retail — Wednesday, February 1 @ 11:30am, the Pub
You know you’ve always dreamed of wearing that clean cut not-quite royal blue t-shirt. Two representatives from Apple will be in the Pub midday Wednesday to answer all your questions about the potentially perfect summer job.

The Peasant and the Priest — Thursday, February 2 @ 5:30pm, Titsworth Lecture Hall
This new film examines individuals and small communities struggling in an increasingly global and impersonal world. It tells the story of two lives in Tuscany, one the transition of age-old agricultural systems, the other of a priest’s outreach to young prostitutes. Interwoven into the film is the famous and still highly relevant fresco, The Allegory of Good and Bad Government. A Q&A with the director, Esther Podemski, will follow.

SLAC Dance Parties: Tropical Rageforest — Friday @ 10pm, the Blue Room
Let loose all the stress of those career-oriented meetings this week with a tropical forest themed dance. It might not be the season for rainforest wear, but don’t let that stop you.

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Nina Sparling (Editor, “What’s Up”) is a bi-coastal aspiring bread baker frustrated with the current food system. Originally from Berkeley, she moved to New York, complaining most of the way, until she found the Met and figured out the subway (but still has serious envy for Bay Area vegetables). Currently a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence, Nina studies languages, political ecology, and geography and tries to figure out how they all relate.

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