Narrowing It Down: Top 5 Events on Campus This Week – 12/1/12

The library is officially 24 hours, coffee has become a necessity, and your classmates are sporting the ‘I meant to wear the same clothes two days in a row’ look. What does this all mean? The end up of the semester is upon us. Only three more weeks, guys.

From Theory To Practice, Panel and Lunch – Monday, December 3rd @ 12:30PM, Bates Meeting Room

National AIDS awareness day is on Saturday, December 1st, and if you’re looking to further the conversation then definitely head over to Bates for lunch on Monday. There’s going to be a panel discussion with SLC staff, faculty, and community partners, and their work on AIDS awareness. They’re aiming to create a more inclusive environment when it comes to these types of issues, and they’d love your input. Also, there’s free lunch.

Stitch n’ Bitch – Tuesday, December 4th @ 7PM, Dudley Lawrence

One of the many beloved SLC clubs, Stitch n’ Bitch is a great place to knit out all your conference aggression. Even if you’ve never picked up a pair of needles before you can head on over and bitch it all out. Who doesn’t love the occasional bitch session?

Film Screening: The Harvest/ La Cosecha – Tuesday, December 4th @ 8PM, Titsworth Lecture Hall

About a month ago, our Wanderlust section put out an article on this film. There was an off campus excursion to go an see the film followed by a talk back with the director. UNIDAD is now presenting the same film right on our own campus. If you’re still looking to get involved, or if you just want to learn more about child migrant farm working then check it out. It’s a great documentary to get the conversation going.

Misconceptions – Friday, December 7th @ 7PM, Bates Common Ground

If you’ve ever been interested in Spoken Word than I highly recommend stopping by this open mic type event. Spoken word can be a really powerful type of performance art that not many people get to experience in their lifetime. The point of this particular event is to challenge the misconceptions made about race, gender, sexuality, and identity. Just to make it that much cooler, Oveous Maximus will be in attendance and performing.

SLC Fashion Show – Friday, December 7th @ 7PM, Blue Room

Presented by SLAC Homegrown this will be SLC’s first fashion show! We all know the fierce fashion on our campus, so why not show it off? Come down and watch your classmates strut their stuff or strut your own stuff. Just strut.

Emelyn Hicks, a sophomore at SLC, is a California, Bay Area native who enjoys baking, laughing, sarcasm, and ballet. Emelyn is an animal rights activist, and misses her three dogs and two cats back at home. Currently she is studying Anthropology, Literature, Theatre, and Dance. If you are a fellow hashtag enthusiast feel free to follow Emelyn on Twitter @emelynhicks.

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