Narrowing It Down: Top 5 Events On Campus This Week – 11/25/12

Okay, guys, only four more weeks and then we can all say adios to this semester. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break which was hopefully filled with good company and lots of food(duh). Unless you actually did work over break, it’s going to be rough to get back into things. Luckily, there’s some fun events happening on campus this weekend. Think of it as the light at the end of the tunnel. Cheers to a month left of school!

SLAC Open Mic Night – Thursday, November 29th @ 9PM, The Black Squirrel

If you haven’t been to an open mic yet, definitely go check it out. You know that one really shy kid in your class who never talks? Turns out they have an amazing voice. There’s some awesome talent at this school, and open mic is a great, safe place for people to showcase theirs. Maybe you’re the talented one and you haven’t shown off yet. Go sign up! Plus first fifty people get free milkshakes. Yes, please.

Homecoming Basketball Game – Friday, November 30th @ 6PM, Campbell Sports Center

Okay so I’m kind of cheating with this one. I’m actually pushing the game and then the kick-ass blue room dance after together for one event. I know we’re not exactly the epitome of college school spirit, but homecoming is actually really fun if you get into it. Just put on some face paint and head down to the gym to support some of your fellow classmates. Once you’re all pumped up from the game, you can head down to the blue room and dance off your Tday poundage.

Burlesque Show – Friday, November 30th @ 7PM, Reisinger

If you’re really not feeling the school spirit, then go to the burlesque show. Hats off ( or uhm blouses?) to everyone who’s in the show and has been working so hard to uhh pull it off. If you missed the teaser at Orientation Cabaret then definitely go. Seriously.

Winter Open Concert – Friday, November 30th @ 7PM, Marshall Field

If you’re not down with school spirit or too shy to shake it at the burlesque show, then at least go to the open concert. Students of all levels, genres, and musical backgrounds will be showcasing their talents. Go listen to everything from a jazz ensemble to the one man band. Whatever you’re into, I’m sure you’ll find something to sooth your musical palette.

DJ Bernie B Returns – Saturday, December 1st @ 8PM, Blue Room

I’m seemingly out of the loop because I missed the debut of DJ Benie B. Apparently it was a success because him/her/they(?) are coming back! Two dance parties in one weekend? Sounds like a good weekend to me.

Emelyn Hicks, a sophomore at SLC, is a California, Bay Area native who enjoys baking, laughing, sarcasm, and ballet. Emelyn is an animal rights activist, and misses her three dogs and two cats back at home. Currently she is studying Anthropology, Literature, Theatre, and Dance. If you are a fellow hashtag enthusiast feel free to follow Emelyn on Twitter @emelynhicks.

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