Narrowing it Down: This Week’s Top 5 Events on Campus – 9/23/12

It seems as if the last of the summer weather has come and gone. Fall is finally here, so grab your vintage trench that you found at that really cool new thrift store and check out this week’s Top 5.

Science Seminar Series: “ Total Recall: An Investigation into Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory”Tuesday, September 25 @ 12:30PM, Science Center 103

Don’t let the title scare you away from this event. The Science Seminar Series are becoming some of the most interesting events to check out. The presentation will be done by Jackie Assar ( SLC class of 2014), and will walk the audience through people who experience HSAM. So what is HSAM? Basically the people who posses HASM can remember virtually every day and every moment of everyday. There’s recently been a lot of new research on the subject looking at children who posses HSAM. When I was 5 I couldn’t even remember how many months were in the year, let alone what I’d eaten for breakfast, but apparently there are more gifted children than I out there.

Fatima Ahmed Tuesday, September 25 @ 5:30PM, Pillow Room

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to meet a super hero, come meet the next best thing on Tuesday evening. Fatima Ahmed will be sharing her experiences in history of activism in agriculture, women’s rights, women’s reproductive health and girl’s education. As if that wasn’t enough, in 2000 she founded Zenab for Women in Development, an organization giving help to women and children faced with disabilities or special needs. The organization also focuses on promoting peace and democracy in Sudan, as well as, raising awareness of women’s health issues. Like I said, superwoman.

Teach for America Information SessionThursday, September 27 @ 12:45PM, Science Center 103

If you feel really pumped and motivated after you heard Fatima Ahmed speak, you would be a perfect candidate for Teach for America. Especially check this out if you’re a senior, as the program mainly uses recent college graduates or professionals to dedicate two years of their lives to teach in low-income schools. It’s a wonderful opportunity to become a lifelong leader, and to create educational opportunities for everyone. I mean, you’d be changing the course of history, right?

SLCSpeaks Welcome EventThursday, September 27 @ 8:15PM, TeaHaus

While I’m already sure we’ve captivated your hearts and souls with our wonderful words, please come to the TeaHaus on Thursday evening and mingle with the staff. We’re having a little get together to introduce the new staff, say a little something about the publication, and then answer all of your burning questions. If you’re interested in writing for us( or anything else for that matter), definitely come and talk with us. We’re always looking for fresh writers to give a new perspective. So don’t be shy and come drink some tea with us.

 Expedition to NYC Maker FaireSunday, September 30 @ 10AM, Andrews Parking Lot

If you haven’t been to the city enough, or if you go every weekend, this is the perfect excuse to escape your mounds of reading and spend the day making, creating, learning, crafting, inventing, recycling, thinking, playing, etc. The Maker Faire is a festival inspired by arts, crafts, food, music, and almost anything else you can think of. It’s an open place to let your creativity run wild. A van will run students into the city in the morning and then pick them up later that evening. You can also get a 12 dollar discounted ticket if you reserve a spot by the 27th. If you’re planning on making an appearance and would like to reserve a spot in the van/ discounted ticket email

Emelyn Hicks, a sophomore at SLC, is a California, Bay Area native who enjoys baking, laughing, sarcasm, and ballet. Emelyn is an animal rights activist, and misses her three dogs and two cats back at home. Currently she is studying Anthropology, Literature, Theatre, and Dance. If you are a fellow hashtag enthusiast feel free to follow Emelyn on Twitter @emelynhicks.

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