Narrowing it down: the last top five events of 2011! – 12/12/11

We can almost say “Phew. It’s over. I’m DONE.” Almost.  It is a matter of days, a few thousand words, and hopefully not more than two nights in the library.  Despite the final crunch, make sure to take a little bit of a break, at least once, between now and Friday.  A few options:

Week of December 12-16

Treble in Paradise Winter Concert — Monday, December 12 @ 9:30pm, Blue Room
Probably the last Blue Room event of the season, this will have a slightly different tenor (sopranos and altos, too!) than your average Friday night bash.  Before feasting on too many tater tots at Midnight Breakfast, come out to support one of Sarah Lawrence’s a capella ensembles, featuring some new material!

Vocal Minority Winter Concerto — Monday, December 12 @ 10:30pm, Black Squirrel
After being serenaded by the lofty voices of Paradise, head upstairs in Bates for a second set of a capella.  Our all-male a capella group will provide the perfect appetizer for your pancake feast.

Midnight Breakfast — Monday, December 12 @ 11pm, Bates
In case you hadn’t caught on yet, Midnight Breakfast is this Monday night!  It’s the perfect fuel to propel you through one of those nights in the library.

SLCSpeaks Conference Week Bonanza! — Tuesday, December 13 @ 12:30pm, outside the Pub and Library
We are bringing you CONFERENCE WEEK BONANZA! Imagine a festival, no a carnivale, of wonders brought right to your feet. In the Pub we will be manning a cookie station to which you and your zombie friends can come and decorate baked goods to your heart’s content!

AND the fun DOESN’T STOP THERE! Outside of the library we will be holding the Stimulation Station! We will be offering mints, tea, hot sauce, candy, anything to kick your tired brain back into gear! It will be just like the olden days when the circus came to town! The best day of the year!!!!!

Last Spoken Word Collective of the Year — Wednesday, December 14 @ 8pm, TeaHaus
By Wednesday, the “almost done” will be considerably more tangible.  If you’ve spent too many hours reading poetry or writing about it, seek a different kind of stimulation and head to the Teahaus listen or read yourself.

GO HOME! — Friday, maybe Saturday, various times and locations
Enjoy the much needed break. Happy whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate!

Nina Sparling (Editor, “What’s Up”) is a bi-coastal aspiring bread baker frustrated with the current food system. Originally from Berkeley, she moved to New York, complaining most of the way, until she found the Met and figured out the subway (but still has serious envy for Bay Area vegetables). Currently a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence, Nina studies languages, political ecology, and geography and tries to figure out how they all relate.

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