Music Video of the Week(end)!

First, I apologize, because I KNOW I KNOW Lana Del Rey. But this video, while being both hilarious and heartbreakingly sad, is undeniably amazing. Production quality is everything. Writing is…well, as is evidently clear, you can write whatever crap you want and smear it on top of an Instagrammed desert-scape–BAM, you have a winner.

The real reason this video resonates, though-if you watch the whole thing-is that it conveys a certain sense of cynicism that us millenials can relate to.
Our whole lives, we’ve been exposed to images of what America, and our place within in it, should be like. As we mature, we’re left standing around confused and wondering where that “free, American youth” part of our lives is supposed to come in. But it never does. And once we’re way too old to do anything about it, we realize that it happened when we weren’t looking. And that’s when we know we’re adults, when we realize that we’ve wasted our youth.

You should probably watch the whole thing, but if you don’t want to stick through the long and admittedly sappy monologue-y part, skip to 3:50.

Aineki Traverso (Editor-in Chief) hails from Washington, DC (not Maryland or Virginia!) and she is way too passionate about film and americana. Her safe spaces include McSorley’s and the MoMA. Currently a senior at SLC, Aineki studies filmmaking, American history, and painting.

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