Music Videos of the Week (INTERACTIVE)

1. So I debated whether or not I should put this first video in because I’m not even sure if I even like it. But I feel like people should know about it even if this is only good for playing at lame parties. I don’t even have anything to say about it except it kind of reminds me of Dirt Nasty’s “1980” which I’ll probably talk more about later. So here you go:


2.  “Drugs” is one of my favorite songs by Black Lips. Ironically, it is not the ideal song to listen to while on any kind of drug.

3. HERE’S THE FUN PART where you, the reader, get to INTERACT! Don’t you love not being lazy (on the internet)?!

First, start playing both of the videos below. Note the one on the top is by Solange and the one on the bottom is Dirty Projectors.  The trick is to sync them. I’ll give you a hint: Load the Dirty Projectors video and pause it at 0:20, right before she starts singing. Then mute the volume. Play the Solange version. She starts the verse at 0:34. When that happens, be ready to continue playing the Dirty Projectors video (still muted).

I know this sounds complicated but TRUST ME ITS SO WORTH IT.

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