Meet the Fashion Team: A Thank You

I’ve had the priviledge to produce the fashion section with wonderful photographers, writers, and stylists. Each of them has brought inspired content to I’d like to thank the entire fashion section team for sharing my ambition to create relevant and entertaining content, bringing their own voices to the process, and inspiring me with each new venture. We’ve worked hard to present fashion as an accessible, thought-provoking and interactive form of art, and I couldn’t ask for better partners in crime. Without further ado, the last spread of the year. Meet the Fashion Team:

Isabel Farrington: Photographer

Ethan Shafran Moltz: Photographer

Lillian Rosner: Photographer, Neighborhood Watch

Colleen O’Conner: Writer, Neighborhood Watch

Cecily Lane: Create Editor, Fall 2012-Spring 2013

Lauren Valentine: Fashion editor, Fall 2012-Spring 2013


James Neiley: Fashion Editor


James Neiley (Fashion Editor) is a senior and enjoys lounge kimonos, vintage fur, and large bathtubs. He studies fashion history and french, but particularly revels in excellent cinema costume design.

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  • Reply May 18, 2012

    Ken Sarkis

    Oh how I love that East Coast Flair.
    You go Valentine Girl.
    Your Wordly Wise teacher is proud!

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