INTRODUCING: Music Video Fridays!

So I’m starting off this series with two videos, specially selected by yours truly.

1. “Losing You” by Solange.

HOLY SHIT THIS VIDEO, YOU GUYS. So I’ve loved Solange ever since I discovered her Dirty Projectors cover of “Stillness Is the Move” (but more on that in the future). And this past summer, when I lived in Bushwick, I may or may not have followed her Instagram just to try and find her at a cafe with her infinitely hip friends.
Dear Solange, you have changed my life. Again.


2. “Genesis” by Grimes.

Yes, I did just discover her. Yes, I am late to the party. (By the way, she’s playing at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Oct. 25, be there or be square.) Genesis is the master of multi-tasking and I will never stop being jealous of her. She produces her own music and you should see her live stuff, because the way she dances and handles multiple synthesizers and looping boards is just amazing. She’s like the weird and too-hip kid whose wardrobe you kinda want (or maybe you just wanna make out). Yeah, she’s from Canada, and that’s just so un-cool that it’s cool.

If you like this one, check out her other video, “Genesis”.


Now your Slonim parties won’t suck. YOU’RE WELCOME.


Aineki Traverso (Editor-in Chief) hails from Washington, DC (not Maryland or Virginia!) and she is way too passionate about film and americana. Her safe spaces include McSorley’s and the MoMA. Currently a senior at SLC, Aineki studies filmmaking, American history, and painting.

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