DIY With Cecily: Infinity Scarf

Although there are some people who are already exhausted by the ‘infinity scarf’ trend, I can’t get enough of it. Maybe it’s because I never could quite learn how to loop a scarf around my neck without it looking awkward, or maybe it’s because part of my limited compulsions include a fondness for circles, but I adore the newest trend in scarf-related happiness.

As the winter (which wasn’t much of a winter at all) bleeds into spring, it’s once again time for me to start recycling some of the clothes I didn’t wear as often this season. While I’m not going to get rid of my favourite sweaters, there are some I’ve found I’ve barely worn at all.

Making a sweater into a tube scarf (which is like a mini-infinity scarf, if you squint) is so simple, and doesn’t take a lot of effort. I was able to whip up this DIY project in less than an hour between classes, so it fit well within my busy schedule, and the end product was better than I could’ve expected.

For this project, you’ll need an old sweater of any size or colour; a needle and thread (preferably in the same colour as your sweater, but I had to make due); scissors; and optionally, some sewing pins (pictured here as tacks, as I had to make due with what I had). Without further ado, let’s get started!



First, cut off the sleeves of the sweater, and then cut off the top (if you need a reference, I cut mine just below where the neckline ended). You should be left with a sweater rectangle. Afterwards, cut down the side seams so you’re left with two rectangular sweater pieces.



Turn the sweater pieces over so the sweater is ‘inside out’, and line up the right sides. Fold the sides over about an inch (and, optionally, pin this in place). Begin sewing along the frayed edges of the sweater. Repeat with the other side.



Now, you have some pretty gnarly exposed seams. Reach your arm up and through the sweater and turn it inside out. And look at that—the scarf is done!



Put your head through the tube and arrange accordingly, folding the sweater over a few times to get it to sit right. Voila!

If you need to sew the top (where you cut off the neckline) to avoid fraying, just fold the sweater over like above, but inside of sewing the sides together, be careful to keep the sweater ‘open’ so you can stick your head through.



I love my new, super-cute tube scarf. It’s in one of my favourite colours, the pattern is beautiful, and it was absolutely free and time-efficient.

Here’s to not spending $40 on something I can make myself,
Cecily <3

Image credit: Cecily Lane

Cecily Lane is a sophomore this year and is proud to be heading the Create section! A faithful devotee to all things pearl-related, you will often find her on campus in high heels (even when going to the gym) and a dress. Her signature 'victory curl' hairstyle takes about five seconds every morning, but makes her look like she puts more effort into her appearance than she actually does. She enjoys acting, writing, and making jokes that only 12-year-old boys find funny.

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