I’m feelin’ like a star, you can’t stop my shine

As the last week of the school year approaches, I find myself—rather than reflecting on the year—thinking ahead to what I’m most excited to do this summer. Here are some of the highlights:

1)   Throwing myself onto my real bed the second I get home.

2)   Focusing my attention on a new set of academics: learning all about the politics of VH1’s Mob Wives. Extra points for me if I can name all of them and their mobby families by the end of August.

3)   Running through a hose in my backyard. Probably by myself. Oh well!

4)   Taking day trips to the beach just in time to catch the ice cream man. I want a snow cone. None of this NYC Mr. Freezy Swirl Man crap.

5)   Going on roller coasters!! I just really love theme parks.

6)   Wearing large floppy hats. Great for gardening, lounging, and ruining your peripheral vision. The fashion-forward way to not see!

7)   Drinking raspberry-lime seltzer at my leisure. I do this at SLC anyways, but this summer I can do it while NOT worrying about mandatory work. Excellent.

8)  Jumping on a trampoline with my friend Sam. We all have this kind of bouncy friend. Embrace it.

9)   Discovering a new summer fad workout. The other week I saw these women on moon shoes doing stretches in Washington Square Park. I think I need to look into that one some more.

10) Using bendy straws and animal paper plates. There’s no rule that you can’t do this during other seasons, except that I say so. Sipping hot cocoa through a magenta crazy straw? Odd.


11) Lying on a themed blanket in my backyard. I have my choice between Minnie Mouse, Harry Potter, and Optimus Prime. I’m usually in a transforming robot kind of mood, but you never know. (Although, the last time I did this I got bitten by a bunch of fire ants. Probably because I picked Minnie. She doesn’t know how to fight ants. I should just always go for Primey.)


12) Trying out new recipes! My mom always rolls her eyes when I ask her to go to the store for things like almond bark chips and milk that’s only produced from one cow in the remote hills of Bangladesh.

13) Finding a not-so-guilty summer playlist and listening to it on repeat. Last year’s included Ridin’ Solo and Nothin’ On You over and over and over.


14)  Catching up on the most important type of reading—gossip magazines! I feel so out of touch with the Teen Mom girls and I have no idea what’s happened to Kate Goslin. It’s a tragedy, really.

15)  Enjoying my favorite season with my old friends from home. I can think of few things better.


What are YOU most looking forward to?


Gabrielle Campagnano (Opinion Editor)’s favorite word is communication. She is described by close friends (and enemies) as “diligent,” “an appreciator of words,” “jolly,” “hottest monogomist” and “moogle”. Although she concentrates in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence, you can talk to her about intelli-rap and Szechuan peppercorns. Post-grad, Gabrielle plans on readying the next generation of artists (ages 5-10) to take on the world with mindfulness and sensitivity.

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